WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Friday, September 25, 2009


Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: No
  • Simpsons: yes, an Family Guy too, wich waz a speshol abowt Brian the dog!
  • Tesco: yes, I went wiv Mummy, on her bike!
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10! Tayke that! /10
  • Overall Score: 7.62121/10

Arrrrrrr! Talk Like A Pirate Day waz grayte fun, wassent it? Thank yu, evrywun hoo popt by! Sorry I wassent abol to blog sooner, but heer is a foto that Buttons Bear sent me ov his bruther, Wun-Eyed Cocoa, walkin the plank!He also sed that Cocoa is hoping to do gymnastiks in the nex olympiks, if they ar held in Chicago. Looks like he is good at ballansin, despite his wun-eyedness, so yu never kno!

Mummy dident get fotoes ov us on Pirate Day, mostly cos we wer jus far too kwik for her, an far too cunning, blarst her eyes, arrr!

*** *** *** *** ***

The nex day we awl went to London!
The Mayor had arranyged for lots ov the roads in London to be closed for the day to cars, so that just bicycles cud be free to wizz rownd wivowt worryin bowt the traffik.

We liv 55 miles from London, so we drove as far as Hackney (abowt 4 miles away from the city), then parkt the car thare an got on our bikes an rode into the middol ovLondon.

We joyned up wiv a groop ov abowt 60 peepol in Hackney, an we awl rode in together. This is whare we fownd them gettin reddy:They gayve owt sum free yello tops an sum flags too. Daddy put his in his hat:Dilly kwite liket it up thare:

Evencherly we joyned up wiv the spehol bike route in London itself, wich went rownd for abowt 10 miles (15km). They rekkon thare wer abowt 60,000 peepol on bikes!!! Heer ar sum ov them:Wenever we went under a bridge or throo an underparss, we all cheerd an rang our bells an got reelly noizy!!! It was funny!

Our ferst stop waz by the Tower Of London, wich is akcherlly a big old carsol, so ov corse, Dilly wantid a foto:We stoppt by the river Thames for a swig ov warter an me an Dilly had a foto tayken wiv Mummy by a boat that is now a floating restorant:Heer yu can see a "Big Wheel" in the bakgrownd, wich is the London Eye:Come on, let's get going!!!!Heer is ware we rode parst St Paul's Cathedral:We sor sum men hoo had mayde thare own bikes an they wer mad!!!!
This wun is mayde ov rusty iron an has a fish hed on it!This next wun was grayte to watch- all the wheels turned rownd as he pedold!!! They wer all joyned up wiv chains so they terned all the way rownd his hed! LOL!Heer yu can see the big towers calld Canary Wharf, an that pointy wun is niknaymed "The Gherkin" (altho Mummy gets it rong an calls it an Aubergine.)This is me an Dilly on a road calld The Mall, wich goze up to Buckingham Palace. We ar neerly at the top so yu can see the Palace, wich sum peepol call Buck House hehehe: Heer is the top ov that golden thing in front ov the palace. I took a close-up pic for yu:Heer me an Dilly ar at the railings ov the palace!
We sor them chaynge sum ov the gards, thoze wuns in red wiv the big hats. Can yu see them marchin along? It waz weird to see the tradishonal uniforms cos they wer carryin masheen guns too!:Can yu see him standin neer his box? I serpoze he steps in thare if it rayns. Hehe. Or maybe that's whare he has a wee.
For lunch we cycled to Charing Cross trayne stayshun an had cups ov tea an Cornish Pastys. Yum!!!

It waz a long day- we set owt at 10.30, spent all day in London an got home at 6. I hope yu like my fotoes!!!!

*** *** *** *** ***

We ar off to Granny's tomorro for the weekend agen! Gillingham ar playin in the arfternoon an me an Daddy ar goin to watch- pleez ware yor lukky bloo pants!!!! Wa-heyy!!!

Bye fer now!


Textile Art Showcase said...

The cycle ride sounds as though it was brilliant. I think you saw a lot more of London than if you had been on one of the tour buses and such great exercise too. Well done all of you and thanks for sharing your photos!!!

Buttons the Bear said...

Cocoa is sooooo excited to see his photo featured on your blog. Did you see him with his pirate sword on my blog? Shiver me timbears, he really gets into being a pirate bear. I just know he's going to want an eye-patch now.

Your bike trip in London looked like you all had a great time. Have fun at Granny's house.


Mack and Sally Ann said...

I love your pictures of London. Your were a good pirate captain.

Feronia said...

Looks like you had a super day out in London, Bob. Your photos reminded me of when I was there nearly ten years ago. What a great idea to ride in on your bikes - should be more of it - less cars, more bikes! :)

Sir Woodstock said...

Was very interested in your excellent photographs.
As Mother cannot balance on a bike I have no hope of such fun as riding through the Capital.

Have a good weekend - hope Gillingham wins.


CherryPie said...

That sounds like an great day out. Hope you have a fun weekend too :-)

i beati said...

what good exercise for mummy and daddy and fresh air for you guys ..funny bikes..sandy

Michael House said...

wot a luvvlee daye yu hadd in Lundun. i woz born in Lundun, but preferr it in Kornworl, mor pastees, less kats. luv Ted, kat

Stardust said...

The trip saunds excellent!! I've had grayte memories ov London meni years ago... Must be fun visitin London on a bicycle. =D

Stardust said...

Oh yes, I bort lotsa Thorton chocolates dere! YUM!

Alex L said...

Nice photos Bob. That homemade bike doesn't seem like it would be to comfortable.

Bearzil said...

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