WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Vizitin Granny in hopsikol


Yesterday me and sum ov the Bears from Granny's howse went wiv Daddy to see the football, wile the green types went wiv Mummy bak to the hopsikol to see Granny.

The football was grayte- we won agenst Southend (full nayme, Southend Scum) 3 - 0 wa-hey!!!!

We took Zed as he haddent been befor. Onnistly Zed gets so hyper! He eevn thort goin throo the turn-stile was exsytin stuff an werthy of a kwik darnce!

Arfterwerds we met up wiv Mummy agen. We sat on the chair neer Granny's bed. We arskt if she wud like a Bear to stay wiv her in hopsikol; the laydy in the bed nex to her haz wun. So thare we wer; me, Blooberry Bear, Green Helen Bear and Zed, hoo yu mite remember is perpol. She had a reel good choyse ov cullers! But she just larft an sed no, it's ok.

I waz a littol bit releevd if I'm absolootly onnist (wich I tend to be, as I am an onnist Bear) thare is a strong smell ov sope up thare an a lot ov cleenin an stuff an I mite hav endid up havin to hav a barth an I get enuff ov bein naggd abowt that from Mummy!

Granny issent eetin very mutch. She arskt Mummy to sneek sum ov her supper owt so that her playte wud be empty, but Mummy sed no. I wud hav but she dident arsk me. I told her to hide it in her pajarma pokkits but she sed they dident hav eny. I waz goin to sergest pants next, but dident, cos I wassent shor if she wor eny wiv pajarmas. Now I wish I had arskt as it wud hav been intrestin to find owt. All in the nayme of pant resertch, yu understand.

Today we are taykin a littol cayke wiv us becos it is Mummy's berfday and Mummy is hopin Granny will eet sum ov it. But then if she duzzent that's just all the mor for us issent it so I don't kno wy they ar so worreed abowt it.

By for now!


i beati said...

love and blessings to Granny Can you see some improvement ??

Celebration of Life said...

You are a good bear; I am proud of your courage!

Chuck's Mawmaw,

CherryPie said...

I was going to suggest you take in something more appetising for her. I have those hospital dinners :-(

I hope Granny is feeling better soon and that mummy has a nice birthday :-)

Benny and Lily said...

we will keep all our paws crossed for granny
Benny & Lily

Ginger Jasper said...

I am sending you my loudest purrs for your granny.. You are a good bear.. Hugs GJ x

Julie said...

Oh no! I can't agree with Southend Scum my Dad used to go and watch them but been as I like you lots I'll cheer for the Gills winning! Wa-hey!

Shame about the pants reserche but it was very good of you to volunteer to stay in hopsikol with Granny. I wayed 5 st 4 lbs when I was ill and dident want to eet but I got better so I hope Granny does soon too. Cayke is good for gettin better.

Mack and Sally Ann said...

Dear Bob,
Hello, from the home of Charlie and Taddy. We are sending a big growl over the big pond to help your granny feel better.
Charlie and Taddy

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Oh I do hope Granny gets her appetite back and picks up soon.
Sorry Mummy had to spend her birfday in the hopsikol - I sent her a card to your house. Maybe you can have a party when she gets home. Sending love and hugs to you all.

Duffy said...

It was very nice of you to visit your granny in the hopsikol. Hope your visit cheered her up. I have a friend who is a therapy dog and makes people feel better when they have to be there, too.

Feronia said...

You are a good and steadfast bear, young Bob. Keep up the good work caring for Granny!

Stardust said...

Everything's a bit haard at de present perhaps, but stay strong dere, be a gud bear fer all, ok? Hope dat granny be up and jumping arownd soon.

Last butt not leest, Happy belated birthday to mommy. Bear hugs..

diane said...

Say happy Burfday to mummy for me. I'm sorry to hear that your granny is sic I hope she gets betta soon.It was verry nise ov you to visit her in hopsikol. I dont like hopsikals. I like burfdays and I went to wun yesserday. I got dresst up reddy to go whale wotchin wiv Ann. Come ova to my blog and see.

Birthday Bear

Asta said...

I'm tewwibully sowwy that youw Gwannie is so poowly and that she isn't eating hew foods..I hope she will get tempted when she sees the biwfday cayke, cause I think youw mummy can't have a good Biwfday if wshe doesn't.
I do wish hew a Happy One whewe youw Gwamma feels bettew too. youw suggestions wewe vewy helpful, but sometimes even the best don't wowk. You awe such an honest and lovely beaw. I know you would have stayed if asked, but I'm glad you didn't have to.(hopsitals scawe me)
smoochie kisses

Anonymous said...

Best wishes for Granny's health to improve. Happy Happy Happy Birthday to Mummy. I think you would be in for a bath if you stayed in the hospital. They try to keep things clean, especially in flu season.

Sir Woodstock said...

Extremely sorry to hear about your Granny - hope by now you have good news re her convalensce.

It was very good of you to brave those awful smells and visit her.
I personally know the fear of baths!