WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: No
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10- the Bears heer seem to hav got a bit lax at this gayme!! /10
  • Overall Score: 7.681/10

I mayde a video yestaday ov the snow an ov Granny an ov me mayking Granny sum tea to warm her up a bit arfter bein in the snow- BUT!!!! soddin blogger won't upload it. Niver will You Tube!!

I think maybe it is a bit big to be uploading from Daddy's laptop, that MITE be the problem. So I'll try agen wen I am bak home, wich shud be Sunday nite or Munday mornin.
But see, I hav been thinkin ov yu. I did try.

Wun minit it is sunny heer an the next it is so windy an cold that snow comes down sideways!

Tiggy, the stray cat from up the roade, is settold in the shed in a box. I bort a fluffy blanket for him from a charity shop, an Granny put in a hot warter bottol for him. He watcht them sort his bed owt, then got in an purred an purred. It sownded like an engine.

A new cheep shop haz opend in town an they sell alot ov biskits. ALOT. An sum ov them ar well posh. Mummy stokt up on sum. Er, alot. Hehee.

Theez ar sum ov my fayvrit biskits. They ar Beary nice :@}

Shortbred for Bears!

Mnyum mnyum mnyum...

That is all for now. I hope yu ar all OK. Next week is Harf Term Brayke heer so Daddy haz the entire week off werk. I hope it gets warmer cos I want to go owt an abowt, possibly wiv Mummy on her bike. I need a bit ov exploring. A Bear duzz, from time to time, yu noe.

Bye fer now!!!!!


Ms. Creek said...

come explore MONTANA!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Who's she?

CherryPie said...

I know about that snow!! I was lucky to escape from it on Sunday. I believe there is 4 inches now in Kent!

Feronia said...

Yummy looking biscuits, Bob. Hope you get out for a bit of exploring next week :)

Mack and Sally Ann said...

Yummy biscuits, you are lucky Bob.
Sally Ann

Benny and Lily said...

Hi Bob sorry you couldn't upload your video. Your biscuits sure are yummy looking. Have a good day
Benny & Lily

Marlowe said...

I hope you get to go out and about. Mom says it is too cold to go out around here!

Mack and Sally Ann said...

Bob, Please tell your sister that I posted my princessy picture on my blog today.
Sally Ann

Buttons the Bear said...

Hi Bob,
I'm looking forward to seeing your video. Your mummy is thoughtful, buying special bear biscuits just for you.

Have a great weekend!

Found art blog said...

I love biscuits too, and I love snuggly blankets!!

mrsnesbitt said...

Oh I loved the biscuits Bob, what part of the bear did you bite off first? Hope it wasn't somewhere which would make it's eyes water!

Anonymous said...

I'll trade you a nose hug for a cookie.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

You guys are so thortful providin' Tiggy wiv a cosy bed. You deserve luverly biskits yu do! Lookin' forward to seein the vid. (kisses for valentines day from some girly bears here xxxx)

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


We dident get that mutch heer, but maybe becos Granny's is so neer the sea. 4 inches ov snow wud be enuff to mayke an 8inch snowbear!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


I shor hope so! My gray matter is gettin itchy.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Mack and Sally Ann


They wer very yummy indeed, speshly wen I dunkt them in Granny's tea, wen she took wun ov her 3 minit naps :@}

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Benny and Lily


I waz very straytid wen the pewter wuddent upload my moovie. I waz goin to kik it but I dident hav my boots on an like my toze too mutch for that sort ov thing.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


MY mum ALLWAYS thinks it's too cold, hence the nag nag nag abowt gettin my coat/jumper/hoodie/scarf/boots on. Tsk!!!
This week I am enjoyin lissenin to Granny telling Mummy to put HERS on. HAHAHA!

Now I now ware she gets it from, too.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Mack and Sally Ann,

I've told her.

I nipt over thare meself, too.
Hey Mack's in pants! Wa-hey!
Grayte pants, too!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


well, AKchewlly, I bort them as a present for Granny- for Crismoss, wud yu beleev, an she fergot all abowt them at the bak ov the cubberd. So I did a Bear-biskit sertch-and-reskew mishun on them. Onnistly. I now they wer for her, but she was ment to share them. It's like wen Mummy givs daddy a reelly posh Easter Egg an awl she sees next is the empty box.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Rite at this moment, the cat, Miss Fluffy is all kurled up in a soft wite blanket!


(oH SORRY I just thort- ar yu scared ov cats? Eevn silly toothless wuns?)

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Mrs Nesbitt,

It's so grayte to see yu!
Or rarther, Joe! HEHE!

ENyway I started on the earlobe ferst. Mnyum Mnyum Mnyum..


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Yor foto gets weirder an weirder, yu noe.

OK I'm up for the swap.
Throwin the cookie now...

Did yu catch it?

Oh yes, yu did. Hehe.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Hehehhee owwww don't I'v gon awl warm an tingly now.. hehehehe

Asta said...


Thank you fow youw kind wowds to me I do miss my fwiends who have to cwows the bwidge. I hope you'll be able to show us youw video some time. How sweet of you to give the kittie a wawm place in this cold windy snowy weathew. I bet he's vewy gwateful.
Those bickies looks spectackoolaw, and you cewtainly desewve them. Give youw Gwannie and youw Mum big smoochie kisses fwom me
hope you get to go out and about soon . don't fowget to take pictoowes
smoochie kisses

Animals with Opinions said...

my human loves shortbread as do i. sometimes she shares. i think thats great that you guys made a warm spot for the stray cat.

gerald the shortbread loving goat

Found art blog said...

I don't mind cats, so long as they're friendly nice ones that don't eat mice. If they're huge cats that go round in gangs and chase things, I don't like those. Lions I don't like.

Hammie en Gea said...

I like the bearshaped biscuits! G. made me a Hammieshaped cookie last christmas! I gave you an award at my blog... (but don't feel obliged to take it,take it only if you want to!!!)

Stardust said...


HAPPI VALENTINE'S my beloved Bobber!! It's been so beary gud lovin yu thees yeers.

Now yur family is a sucha kind an lovin lot, they must be embraced, HUGSSSS...

We have the same bear cookies heer, impotted!

I wish yu a gud time with daddy shaking legs soon. Ah! Thankyu fer the messidge on my page, I hope it"ll be sorted owt.

Stardust said...

P/S ; I LUV yur new pickcher for yur icon!! Smooches!

Shrinky said...

Love the look of those biscuits, Bob! How lovely your mummy and gran made a comfy shelter for the stray cat, sounds as though it is well appreceiated. Shame about the video, but I look forward to seeing it once it agrees to upload - hugs.

Found art blog said...

I think it's brilliant that Hammie gave you an award!! And I'm sorry I called you stinky. That wasn't nice at all. Can I send you a box of biscuits to make up for it?