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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mr Scooter's gon gunky.

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: We got a 0-0 not-a-loos wiv Yeovil (full nayme: Mangle-wurzling Yokull Scum)
  • Simpsons: harf an episode. Mummy issent a good button-pusher.
  • Tesco: yes, went wiv Mummy an Granny to get dinner. Tryd to steer the trolley down the Easter Egg ile agen, hopet to get anuther ov thoze littol Malteezer Bunnys. They're fab. But Mummy's willpower was stronger than yewzul. She must be feelin fat agen.
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 8 that darsterdly Alien jumpt owt ov the cubberd under the stairs at me. Yep, he sneekt along. /10
  • Overall Score: 7.639/10

We ar goin to hav to stay at Granny's an extra nite becos ov Mr Scooter.

Mr Scooter got into a fite wiv Tiggy- an lost.
Heez got a bald patch behind his ear, an a cuppol ov holes thare. Mummy issent shor yet if it waz clors or teef that did the dammidge.

She washt it all up an put on sum creem that smelt like the Dentist's.

A few hours layter, she chekt it agen an washt it.
This time it had startid to swell so she just nudged it gently an WOW! Loads ov GUNK cayme owt.

She washt an washt it an still mor stuff cayme owt. It waz gusting an fassinaytin. I wantid to hav a go at skweezin it but she sed I wassent allowd. It did look kwite satisfying- it lookt awl gon, then yu skwoze it agen an mor cayme owt. It waz PINK! Haha see thare, Dilly? The gunk waz pink. Mummy sed it waz a mix ov blud an pus. It went on a bit. I got bored an went for a sandwich. Wen I cayme bak, Mr Scooter had gon to bed.

Mr Scooter, on the sofa, pre-battle.

Mummy will desyde tomorro wether Mr Scooter needs to go to the V-E-T.
Sumtimes cats need medsins calld anti-by-ottics for gunky pus stuff. But uther times, if it's cleen an duzzent heel too farst, it can be OK.
Mr Scooter ways neerly 17 pownds an Granny carnt carry him in his carry-box becos she is too small an has old bones. So we hav to stay just in cayse.

They ar both in bed now. -Granny upstairs an Mr Scooter downstairs in his cuddly car.
Mummy is very tyerd an Daddy is asleep in the armchare wiv his hed lolling abowt like a bladder on a stik. It waz a stressful Valentine's Day reelly.

Fassinaytin stuff tho. Arnt bodys clever, prodewsin all that stuff owt ov noware? Fassinaytin. I told Dilly that I cud understand her obseshun wiv bein a nerse, but she sed I was gustin an that the pus stuff wassent wun ov the best bits ov nersing! How can that be?

Wish I'd had a go. I reelly do.

Bye fer now!


Mack and Sally Ann said...

I hope kitty is feeling better. It sounds like she might need to see Mr. Vetty. Sometimes things just heal on there own, but sometimes they don't. Happy Valentines day to you and Dilly.
Sally Ann

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Oh dear! Hope Scooter is OK. Sounds like Tiggy needs a talking to about keeping his Teef and claws clean. Yeuch!

Asta said...

Oh Bob
that must be a guy thing, cause i think its sowt of gusting too, tho, I undewstand yoow fascination...Mommi is feeling fat cause she stopped smoking and guess what she does instead??heheh..you might have to come help me woll hew awond when she's ba shaped, hehehe

I hope Mr Scootew gets bettew wifout the dogtow (ow does he go to the cattow?)
sowwy that yoow Valentine's day was soo stwessfull..I hope you get a chance to celebwate once you get home
smoochie kisses

Feronia said...

Poor Mr Scooter, Bob! Hope he's feeling much better soon.

Marlowe said...

I hope your kitty friend gets better soon. I hate it when our dog is sick!

Hammie en Gea said...

I hope that Scooter is feeling fine today! I thought that Valentines day was for love and friendship?!?!? But perhaps that doesn't count for cats...

ellie said...

please give mr. scooter lots and lots of loves for me!

and hugs to your momma, too!

Stardust said...

Hmm... worrid. I hope Scooter's ok...

I dun't reelly lyke anything prodewsed owt ov my body owt ov nowhere. Scarry, achewly. So, I reelly hope dat Scooter gets betta soon.

Nerse is a nice profession. I hav warnted to be a nerse... Wuld yu play the docter?

Oh yes, pleese tell mummy dat her Japanese characters work fine, beautifully!

Buttons the Bear said...

Hope Mr. Scooter is better today. Those cat fights can be rough.

Bob, maybe you should study to become an EMT. You could see all that interesting stuff.


Jackie said...

My cat had the exact same thing a couple of years ago. A big limp on his forehead which I had all to myself to squeeze.Such fun. Two kinds of Pus on my knee.

Julie said...

Eeeugh! Yuck! I hope Mr Scooter is soon better.

Julie said...

Eeeugh! Yuck! I hope Mr Scooter is soon better.

CherryPie said...

That pussy stuff put me off my food you know...

Well I hope scooter is better soon, no more pus leading to queezy stomachs for me ;-)

Stardust said...

Scooter oll beta?