WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Friday, June 11, 2010


Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: No
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10 (Gaz duzzent noe this gayme yet hehehe) /10
  • Overall Score: 7.896/10

Still hard to get bloggin very offten rownd heer! But just HAD to pop in an tell yu wat happend YESterday.

We wer owt shoppin, jus me an Mummy an Daddy, as weed left Granny at a creem tea arftanoon wiv the uther Grannys (akchewlly I waz kwyte intrestid in stayin for that. Thare wer lots ov caykes on trolleys, an the combinayshun of theez 2 things bodes potenshul fun for a small Bear: creem caykes an free rides.....) an WOW! WOW! We went parst an adopshun senter. Mummy went in to see if thare wer eny clothes my size. Thare wernt, but look hoo we fownd!

HALLO! It's my cuzzin Gary!

As yu can see from his nose, he is my English cuzzin.

He waz stunned to meet Henry.
Oh boy, the Football Werld Cup starts today, duzzent it?
Methinks Mummy better hide her books abowt Agincourt.
An better horde sum choklit for wen England looz..... duz he like Quality Street, I wonder? Better check.....HEHEHE!

Mummy sez Granny is getting better eech day, an Granny is hoping to be abol to go home Munday.

I'm not reelly lookin forwerd to that as it will meen fewer biskits , caykes an choklits rownd heer. Grannys ar so good at biskits, caykes an choklit.
Mind yu, she issent so hot on sharing them wiv small Bears....
This is ware her bad memory is handy. Do yu noe, sumtimes she thinks she remembers things that dident happen at all, like buying a KitKat for layter. An then sheel compleetly ferget sumthing that did happen, like eeting it all herself so thare's no need to look for hoo did.

Bye fer now!


Julie said...

Wah hay! Welcome Gary! He's come just in time for all the football. You'll have to wotch he dusn't eat all the Quality Street.

I'm glad granny is gettin better :o)

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Well isn't Gary a sweetie?! Look at his little English nose! Aww!

Fancy Mummy bein intrested in Agincourt. Didn't William Shakesbeare write a play about it? Somefin about stuffin up the breach wiv our English dead? Or was that anuvver play?

Glad Granny is doing well. Hope Mummy is gettin' some rest.

Love and footy hugs, GrannyK

Marlowe said...

Hello to Gary! He looks like a fine fellow!

My mom saw this book at the store she works and thought of you. She didn't look inside though-- she says she was busy.


Found art blog said...

Hello Bob!! And Gary Too! I've been having a good rummage through your blog, reading up all about Bob's Rules and Haiku about Jaffa Cakes. It's very interesting, you know....!

CherryPie said...

your cousin looks like he is going to be a lot of fun! I think you are going to have to stock up on extra chocolates just in case.

Feronia said...

Hullo Gary! Isn't he a sweetie.

Glad Granny is getting better :)

Enjoy the footy, Bob x

Stardust said...


I think Gary iz handsum! Am very impressed with yur clique, so personalized!

Am reelly happy to heer dat granny is betta. It's all due to mom's gud work. It must feel gud sharing cookies and caykes togetther.

Bless yur nose!

Found art blog said...

And I think I spied my birthday card to you underneath your choklits!!

Joe Stains said...

What a cool cuzzin you have. Glad to hear your Gran is getting better, you might want to go easy on the trickery though ;)

Shrinky said...

My goodness, I can really see the family resemblance between you and Gary, it's uncanny! Now, I'm putting you on your best behaviour for when your granny gets home, Bob, no playing tricks on her, and pretending it's her memory, alright? Be nice, she needs her biscuits to help build her strength up! ((x))

Buttons the Bear said...

Welcome cousin Gary! Bob you all look so happy to have found each other.

Don't eat too many chocolates!

Hammie en Gea said...

More relatives! Welcome Gary! Greetings all the way from Holland from Hammie and G.

gama said...

Tedy bear funny ...

I want to have it ..

Found art blog said...

By the way, I notice that Bears are very good spies. Can a Mouse be spy too? I like Jaffa Cakes, does that help?

Jesson And Rey Ann said...

think your like bears. teddy of Mr. Bean hoping you know him, Mr. Bean.

San said...

WOW. I'm so glad you fownd your long-lost cuzzin!!!

Bob, don't play tricks with Granny's memory. You may be the next to show signs of early Bearsheimer's. It's quite serious.