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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Sun Bears in Colchester!!!!

Today's scores:
  • Gills: Yes. We playd Barnet (full nayme:North London Barnet Scum) an they cheatid reelly badly. Reelly REELLY badly. We lost 4-2.
  • Simpsons: No, an I'm thinking ov goin on strike over this; it's too long since I saw The Simpsons regewlarly.
  • Tesco: No, but Mummy an Granny went wivowt me.
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: too bizzy watching Gillingham die /10
  • Overall Score: 7 (wud be less, but I got a bit ov cayke from Dilly) /10

Well, I won't tell yu abowt today cos as yu can see from wat I rote up abuv, it waz pritty awful. Exsept for the wether, I serpoze, as we ar having a bit ov a HOT HOT HOT April heer. I wor my cowboy hat to keep the sun owt ov my eyes in the car.

Wat I wantid to tell yu waz that speshol Bears calld Sun Bears hav come to Colchester. They wer reskewd as cubs in Cambodia an ar now at Colchester Zoo. I went to see them this week.
Thare is wun boy an wun gerl....It was very hot an the peepol hoo carfter them had given them ice lollies made ov frozen froot. They put the lollies on the roof an the Bears had to wiggol them throo to get them. They did this so the Bears wuddent get bord. Heer is wun ov them getting a bit ov lolly-
He is very good at balansing-
It waz the boy Bear getting the lolly an doin awl the werk, an the gerl Bear waz eeting all the bits he dropt!! I thort she waz bein very cheeky-Then they climed down an cayme to say hallo-I sor that they hav kwite short hair-She sat nibbling her toes for a wile an this mayde Mummy smile-

The gerl Bear was very littol wen she was reskewd. Her Mummy had died. She was so littol she haddent eevn opend her eyes yet. She had a very bad cold, too. Now she is OK. The boy Bear waz reskewd wen he waz 6 munths old. Sum peepol kept him in a bar to entertayne peepol. Bears ar very entertayning but they shuddent be mayde to werk in bars!

The zoo is getting a better enclosure reddy for them but they seemd happy heer allreddy.

They ar being sponsord by a company neer ware I liv calld Wilkins; they mayke Tiptree Jams an Hunny. They giv the Bears hunny treets! Heer is a link to a press releese from our local payper abowt theyer hunny snaks!!!

Mummy an Granny bort seezon tikkets at the zoo so that we can go bak an see them lots!! They ar the ownly Sun Bears in England so I am very lukky they cayme to liv in my town. (Erm, I'm not shor how big they get. Maybe I shud look that up.....)

Hoo did yu see laytely that mayde yu smile???


Buttons the Bear said...

What fun, you get to go to the zoo. How exciting to have rescued Sun Bears.

Funny coincidence, today mom and I were looking at old pictures from a long ago trip to the San Diego Zoo. There was a picture of a Sun Bear and of a big Grizzly Bear.

Happy Easter Bob!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

How brillyant! Yor very own sunbears nearby! I hope they don't get too hot now in 'tropical Colchester' . . .it's been loverly and warm here for a few days too.
Have a great weekend y'all - Happy Easter! xxxx

Hammie Hamster said...

They look very friendly! In the zoo most close to our home (in Emmen where Sullivan somtimes goes) there are brown bears that have played in the movie The Bear when they were little! G. hasn't got a season ticket anymore so I haven't been able to go there...

The Teddy Bear Family said...

We searched and searched. Is TipTree honey made from hotdogs? We couldn't figure out what else could tip a honey tree but hotdogs.

As for the bears, we think the boy was just being nice to the girl. Of course our wives think the girl outsmarted the boy, but they're like that. Either which way, it must be nice living so close to warm-blooded bears. Not many of them in these parts. Sure, we have some at our zoo, too, but only rich people can visit our zoo anymore.

Happy Easter! The Hotdog Bunny just visited us and gave us baskets of hotdogs. (No pictures. We eat them too fast. kehehehehe)

Found art blog said...

Today, Andrea gave me an oversized Kinder easter egg with a big wind-up frog in it that jumped all over the carpet!!! that made me smile and I even larfed so much I wee'd myself!!!!

Benny and Lily said...

We thought you got a pet bear, careful so he doesn't want to play with you
Benny & Lily

Stardust said...

Seeing yu makes me smile Bob!
Seezon tikkets ar cool! But then I think de zoo shoold let yu in fer free.

CherryPie said...

They look awfully cute :-) I look forward to your updates after your return visit to the zoo.

Feronia said...

Sun bears are great, aren't they Bob! I have seen them in the zoos at Sydney and at Saigon.

Do you get Craig Ferguson's Late Show on TV in the UK? His friend Sid the Rabbit always makes me smile and larf - though he's a bit rude!

Hope you had a great Easter :)

Rebel said...

Hi Bob, you sound like you could be a reporter or something. That was a real interesting bit of writing about those Sun Bears. I enjoyed having a read of it. Cool! Bye for now, Rebs