WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gettin Parsols is so much FUN!!

Weekend's scores:
  • Gills: YES! We playd Lincoln (Mummy sez I carnt say enything rood abowt Lincoln cos Julie livs neer thare) an we SLORTERD them 4-0 so hahahaha.
  • Simpsons: Yes! Hurray! Sor Lisa agen at larst!
  • Tesco: Yes. We did a big shop, wun that ment yewzing a trolley. It waz kwite layte at nite, too, so arfter weed put all the bags in the car, I sat in the trolley wile Mummy RAN an pusht it up the car park to ware the empty trolleys liv. YEEEHAR! It's grate to feel the wind rushing parst yer ears. (As Grayum will tell yu, wen he duzz yoga arfter a curry.)
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10 /10
  • Overall Score: 8.63966/10

I wantid to show yu sum stuff that Beanie sent to me reesently! He duzz a lot ov travellin abowt, an this time heed been off to Holland, an then to Winchester. So he sent us stuff from thare, but it waz a grayte serprize as nun ov us expectid it. It's grayte to get serprizes, issent it?

(Happy serprizes, I meen, wuns that mayke yu jump, an bownce a littol, in a "Oh! Wowwee!" sort ov way. Not wuns that mayke yu jump an do a kwik shiver, like wen yu walk throo a dor all confident, then see a spider on the dor-frame hoo was looking at yu all along.)

I like gettin Beanie cards, they ar allways intrestin:Dilly liket her postcard becos it was pink an had a dragon on it. She's so eezy to pleez, she is! LOL!
Heer's wat Beanie sent us from Holland-A football badge an..... It's a Bear!!!!
He sent Dilly sum gerly things that she waz very pleezd wiv. Oh look! Mr Scooter got his paw in this foto!
An in Winchester yu can chooz a penny an then get it skwished in a speshol vice that stamps sumthing on it. Mine had King Alfred on it, an Dilly's had a dragon.WOW! Look at the size ov theez choklit coynes he sent us!!Nyum yum nyum...

I hav startid a 'Beanie Box', an I'm putting all sorts ov stuff in it, intrestin things that I find as I go along.
Beanie an his Ma mayke art from all kinds ov stuff, an I hope a box ov Fownd Things like this will be yewseful!
*** *** *** *** ***
I went to Di's blog the uther week an fownd that she waz goin to giv away a grayte prize of all this arty crafty stuff!All yu had to do waz put yor nayme in the hat an she wud pik wun owt. So I put my nayme in; I thort, if I win, I'll giv the stuff to Mummy. An........ GESS WAT?????!!!! I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It cayme the uther day. Yu shud hav seen Mummy's face!!!!!! THANKS, DI!!!!!

Inside the box waz a card addresst to ME!
Wat a nice card!
Aw look- it has a Bear on it!
I'm glad Di noted inside that it wuddent be rite to carry a Bear by his ear like that tho!
Yu can see foto's ov all this grayte stuff on . Mummy's blog if yu like! Anuther grayte thing abowt it was all thoze ribbons- Dilly mayke a nest of them an it got her owt ov my way for ages!

Hav yu had eny nice serprizes laytely????


Found art blog said...

I just had one - getting a sneak preview of the Beanie Box!!!! I love hearing about my cards cheering you lot up!! It's Fabooleymuggins!!!

BumbleVee said...

WOW.... that is a great surprise. How perfect for your Mummy to use when she makes cards. That is a lot of amazing stuff!

Hammie Hamster said...

You had some pretty great mail Bob!

Benny and Lily said...

Bob you sure did make out purrty good getting all those presents. Beanie rocks
Benny & Lily

Feronia said...

What cool parsols Bob!

Sally Ann and Andy said...

Charlie and Taddy are very jelous. They wanted to jump with pants, but I told them they are to big.
Sally Ann

Jerry and Ben said...

Some great mail Bob! The best surprise we've had lately is that the winter is over, and sunshine and warmer weather have FINALLY arrived; we'll be able to play outside now.

Stardust said...

Juz fabulous Bob! I'm envious! I luv the keychains fer yu kids!

En yu luk very sexy wif the sweater and no pants.

Di said...

Glad you all liked the parsel Bob! Hope to see a card made by Dilly wiv her stamp on here or your Mum's blog sometime :) Hugs Di x

Shrinky said...

Awwwwwwww Bob, just goes to show how much loved both you and your mummy are loved around these parts, and I'm hardly surprised at all! What a fab collection of goodies, no wonder you are so happy!

Marlowe said...

What a great present!

Asta said...

Youw gifts fwom Beanie's adventoowe abwoad awe so thoughtful and pawfect .
I can't believe how gweat dilly's wewe too.honestly bob, you have the most thoughtful fwiends.I think it's cause you'we so thoughtful youwself..that box of special stuff fow youw Mum is gweat..I know she will make bootiful cawds and stuff out of all of it
I haven't had any sewpwises xept Daddi getting tewwibull stomach floo..it was not the good swepwise
he'sbettew now, so i'm jumping fow joy like wif the good sewpwise
smoochie kisses

Rebel said...

That was an amazing surprise Bob. I can see on your face how happy you are!

The Teddy Bear Family said...

Hmmm, we saw a soccer ball, but nothing footballey. kehehehehehe

We collect those squished pennies from all the places we go. We have two in our collection, so far.

Good gifts. Way cool!

Buttons the Bear said...

Wow looks like you made a haul! So nice of you to share your surprises with you mom. What a good bear you are.

Beware if you ever get a magic towel for a present. Come by and see what magic happened to me.

Julie said...

I'll let you off for beatin Lincoln Bob cos you weren't too rude ;-) I like your new top, is it Gillingham's new strip? We have been to the end of England uther wyze nowne as Cornwall for 2 weeks so I am catching up with everything. I love all your lovely presents and prizes. Well done for winning :-)

Stanley said...


I have been MISSING YOU, man! Looks like you've been gathering more and more friends to your bosom and you received some mighty fine parsols. (LOVE the photo of Dilly in her ribbon bath.)

My lazy, good-for-nothing girl is still not up to par, as she's not helping us blog, but at least she's helping me check in with my buds. Glad to see you're still sassy and saucy and full of frolick!

Goober love & smooches,