WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy Saynt Patrik's Day to all my Oirish frends an famly, an also to all my Merrykan frends, hoo think St Patrik's Day is for evrywun enyway! Yeehar!

Today's scores:
  • Gills: Wun 3-0 agenst Cheltenham (full nayme: Chelterscum)
  • Simpsons: No, but saw American Dad. I like the Alien in this.
  • Tesco: No. But we may hav to mayke a late nite dash tonite becos it's Mother's Day tomorro an me an Dilly havent got Mummy enything. Not that I see wy we shud. It's not like there's a Son's or Dorter's or Bear Day.
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10 /10 got Dilly, altho she then went into a long protest abowt how I dident get her nose, I got her snowt, an wen I sed it surprizisity that cowntid, she wud ownly giv me 2, an insisted it was a small 2. Pah. Reptiles.
  • Overall Score: 8/10


I thort I wud jus bownce me Oirish beads in heer an wish ye all a merry Saynt Patrick's Day.

I watcht the Rugby erlier, but Ireland lost to England, on accownt ov them bein all cheetin bastards becos we wer all jus so full ov elfin glee on our speshol day, we thort, ah, let them hav wun, we still hav the nicer beer an the eesier to dror flag, so we hav.

Now heer's a few limeriks for ya.

Thare wunce was a dragon calld Dilly
Hooz obsesshun wiv bows just got silly.
I arskt her wun day.
"Don't they get in the way?"
She sed "Shut up wat stinky Bear noe bowt?"

(yeah, duzzent reelly werk, that wun, duzz it, well it did rite up to Dilly's contribewshun.)
I adaptid this wun from wun I red on the web:

A Bear doin a poo arskt a rabbit,
"Duzz poo stik to yer fur, as a habit?"
"Don't think so," sed the hare,
"I think that's kwite rare."
So the Bear wipet his bum wiv the rabbit.


I also fownd this wun-

A cheerful old Bear at the zoo
cud always find sumthing to do;
Wen it bored him, yu noe,
to walk to an fro,
He reversd it an walkd fro an to!

Hehehe! Now over to yu!
Do yu noe eny? Can yu rite wun? Hav yu fownd sum?

Hav a grayte weekend!


chicamom85 said...

Bob T, you are very funny and Mommy is laughing so hard that there is a wet spot on her chair and she left real fast for the bathroom. You can put the rest together.

May you not eat and drink too much green stuff so you don't have green stuff in your poo.~Sasha

Loveys McSasha(onerary bear)

Found art blog said...

Oh those limmericks are funny!!!! Me and Andrea are both giggling loads!!

CherryPie said...

Your limericks made me chuckle. I hope you had a great day.

teddybear said...

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Asta said...

OOOh Bob
Am I late???amd I late///I hope not cause I speshully wanted to wish you a VewyHappy Sain Patwick's Day!!!!!
I agwee wif you on all those things and it was most genewoos of you to let those bastawds, ummm, I mean non Iwish win the wugby.
You made dwinkies come out of Mommi's nose and she's still giggling..thank you!!!!!!!
I don't know how to wite limwicks and Mommi is even mowe hopeless, but I suwe am glad you know how
smoochie kisses on youw Iwish nose

Found art blog said...

By the way, you might be wrong about the Official Bear Day. You think there isn't one, but if you check up the St Ursula feast day (she's the patron saint of bears, as I'm sure you know), that's October 21st..... so in a way, there IS a bear day! Sort of....

BumbleVee said...

hahahha....the mental image of a bear wiping his butt with a bunny...hahhahahha

Feronia said...

Top of the morning to you, Bob O'Bear and I be thankin' you for your good wishes on St Patrick's Day. We went to an Irish pub, listened to Irish folk music and ate Irish fish pie!

Anonymous said...

Happy Saint Patrick's Day...well, I'm late to the party. Silly limericks, especially the one where Dilly chimes in. (giggle) Boys do not know about ribbons and bows. I think that rabbit is now the stinky one!

Ryan Lorenc-Haluska said...

Thanks, Bob T– you made us Laugh! That's a Gift, to be sure. Happy Spring to you and yours. :o)

Stardust said...

I red the bunny wun donkey yeers ago and have forgotten abowt it until now, still it maykes me larf lyke crazy!

I've missed yu, Dilly and yur lovely mommy! Sorry abowt not coming as often as I've hoped, but yur family has been on my mind. :D

Is Spring going yur way soon? Hope yu're feelin the joy of the bewtiful seeson!