WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Ansers to my kwestchuns, an an updayte on Oaky!

Recent scores:
  • Gills: Restin (on laurels)
  • Simpsons: No but did see Family Guy
  • Tesco: ownly the littol wun, so no ride in a trolley
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 0 -mummy dukt /10
  • Overall Score: 7ish/10

I enjoyd reedin yor ansers to my resertch kwestchuns!

Heer ar my own ansers, by the way-

 1. I go commando an frolik pants so that I can fully enjoy the resulting draft.

2. Hunny, or vanilla wiv hunnycoem bits in. Choklit sorce is nice too. If it's off the Ice Creem Van I like a "99" wich is wipt vanilla ice creem wiv a choklit stik stikkin owt ov it an sum nutty sprinkles on top, all in a long wafer cone. YUM!

3. Sittin down.

4. Tan/beige/spilt tea.

Thank yu for taykin part!! It was very intrestin. (Hav a look at the comments from last time to see wat I meen.) An Sasha, yu cheeky powder puff! -I can't tell yu the culler of my undies COS I DON'T WARE ENY!!! Hehehehee!

Now I wud like to show yu a pikcher.
Do yu remember Oaky? He is my oak tree, wich I grew from a haycorn. We bort him a bigger pot agen. We wernt shor if he wud need it yet but wen Mummy chekt we fownd owt it was a good time to get him into his new apartment cos his toes wer just startin to go rownd an rownd at the bottom ov the pot.

He has got very big hassent he?
Heer I am doin a bit of... fertilizing! hehehehehe!!



chicamom85 said...

Bob T, I just know your "fertilizing" is going to help your tree get bigger and bigger. You are going to need a humongous pot as big as a swimming pool pretty soon. I hope it is a magic tree that will pick you up and put you on his shoulders. Do trees have shoulders?? It is a lovely tree even if it isn't magic and thank you for answering my undie question.

Loveys Sasha(onerary bear)

Jerry and Ben said...

Your garden is looking good Bob! What are you eating, cause those plants look well fertilized...

Di said...

Wahoo Bob - I can't believe that Oaky grew so big! Brilliant - it's all that TLC wot did it.

I missed your questions but there are some very interesting responses - I think your one about eating your fish sitting down was the best though .......... bwhahahaha!

Hugs, Di xx

Found art blog said...

Yor good at gardnin!! HAve you planted those marigolds yet?

The Teddy Bear Family said...

How big a pot are you going for with Oaky? We grow trees in pots too, but they're jade, so they wouldn't get more than one or two meters tall. But, we don't have a big ole tree pot, so we're making them bonsai. Seems easier to trim a tree up top and its roots then try to grow a full sized oak tree in a pot.