WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Getting warmer!

Recent scores:
  • Gills: Still resting
  • Simpsons: Yes!! Homer's brother invented a masheen that translaytid wat babyz say. They sed kwite a bit abowt poo. Hehe!
  • Tesco: Yes but I dident ride in the trolley as sum ov the kids lookt shifty.
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: I ALMOST got Granny today but she dukt.
  • Overall Score: 7.69/10

Well I hav chaynged my doobry watnot from Firefox to Chrome an now I can put pikchers on heer! Yippee! I jus wantid to nip in an show yu this pic of me today, wen it was so warm an sunny I had to not a hankie into a sun hat.

I'd like to arks yu sum kwestchuns if that's ok. I like gathering facts.
Heer we go-

1...Wat do YU do in hot wether to keep cool?
2...Wat is yor fayvrit ice creem?
3...How do yu like to eet fish?
4...Wat culler is the carpet in the room yor in rite now?

I hope yu can leev me sum arnsers! I am feeling rather curious.



Lynda (Granny K) said...

Hi Bob, It's sunny up here in the Norf but it's not 'ot like wot it is darn Sarf. Anyrode, here's my answers:-
1. Stay in the shade
2. Toffee-fudgey ones
3. Any way really, probly pan-fried or microwaved or baked in foil. I'm very partial to tinned salmon or sardines in tomato sauce on toast, oh and fish fingers, but they've got to be COD.
4. It's Terracotta

Lynda (Granny K) said...

By the way, Good luck wiv Chrome, I find it crashes a lot nowadays. Says 'Not Respondin' and I have to close it and open it again. I get fed up and go back to Outlook Express sometimes.

Buttons the Bear said...

Hi Bob,
I doo like your hat. BTW, Happy belated Bearthday! Hope it was great! Having me own secraterial issues.

Here are some answers:
1- I just put on my shorts

2- Chocolate with big chunks of chocolate, cashews and carmel swirled through it. Mmmmmm...

3- I like tuna salad sandwiches on toast, with tomato and lettuce. Don't forget to put some diced baby gerkin pickles, celery and onions in there. If-in you're out of the pickles, forget about eating it. Next I like breaded cod filets, mmm!

4- The carpet is a sort of carmel color. Hee, hee, it was called Bearpaw, haha! Lisle, Barnes and Brooks call it bear-o-flage because they can hide beary easily on it.

Feronia said...

Hey Bob!

1. Close the curtains and put on the ceiling fan if it is *really* hot.

2. Chocolate, rum and raisin or lemon gelato (or all three at once if I'm really lucky)

3. Sushi - yum!

4. We don't have carpet - we have polished floorboards.

Feronia :)

chicamom85 said...

Hi Bob T, I love your hat, I hope it is keeping you cool.

1. I like to lay right up by the fan and I also like popsicles when it is hot.

2. I like vanilly the best

3. I don't like fish!!

4. tan colored

What color are your undies??

Just wondering.

Loveys Sasha(onerary bear)

Found art blog said...

Hey Bob!! Good to see you back in Blogland again!!
Now, to answer your questions...

1. I wear nothing when it's hot. Mice are allowed to do Nekkid.
2. Ben an Jerry's Phish Phood icecream
3. Fried in batter from the fish & chip shop.
4. I'm in the internet cafe at the moment and they don't have carpet. It's that "looks like wood but isn't" lino type stuff.

Julie said...

Hello Bob. Ooh, you're making me think!

1 If it's hot I lay in the pond with the froggies.

2 I like all kinds of ice cream but speshly honeycomb in a chocolatey cornet.

3 I think my favourite fish is salmon cooked in a pracel with butter n lemon n dill. Yum!

4 Ooh, my flooring is a 'sgustin'carpet, it's all grubby and we really need a new one but I can't face emptyin the room!

Jerry and Ben said...

1...Wat do YU do in hot wether to keep cool?
2...Wat is yor fayvrit ice creem?
3...How do yu like to eet fish?
4...Wat culler is the carpet in the room yor in rite now?

1. Well, to keep cool, we drink ice tea with honey or lemon, and sometimes Papa fills our backyard pool (actually a big mixing bowl) with cold water and makes a bear sized swimming pool for us. Papa likes gin and tonics in the summer (must be his British ancestry).

2. We actually make our own ice cream in the summer. We have raspberries growing in the yard, so we make that. We also like chocolate chip and mint ice cream, and Papa likes coffee ice cream.

3. We like fish baked with butter and lemon especially. Most of the fish we get here, however, is from fresh water lakes (like walleye, which is a white fish).

4. We have wood floors in the house, but in the bedrooms there is carpet (because winters are so cold here, many people carpet their bedrooms cause it's cozier and warmer). The carpet in those rooms is a light color tan, maybe a cream color.

The Teddy Bear Family said...

(Mommy is using colorful language because our garden trellis is dying, but don't tell her we told you.)

1...Wat do YU do in hot wether to keep cool?
If Valentine isn't making us do stuff in the garden, we put on our magical bathing suits (that won't get us wet, so Mommy doesn't get any ideas about b-a-t-h-s), take a dip in the teddy bear pool, and grill up hotdogs on the hotdog grill float we have in our pool. (Hotdogs for everybody!)

2...Wat is yor fayvrit ice creem?
Spaulding, Teddy, Phil and Data like coffee ice cream. Valentine and Leia like carrot ice cream. Lady, Axlerod, and Dee like Dinty Moore Beef Stew ice cream (so do Pez and Christmas, but only because Ax likes it), Lee and Tee like shrimp ice cream, Nelly (our horse who has won two legs of the Triple Crown so far) likes hay ice cream, and Ding and Luke like chocolate ice cream.

3...How do yu like to eet fish?
Everyone but Lee and Tee (the two cats in the family) likes hotdogs. The only way we change what kind of protein we get is we also like sausage, kielbasi, and any kind of wurst out there, particularly bratwurst. Lee came up with a great (cough-ugh-cough) idea to replace a turduckin though. She and Tee are petitioning Daddy into taking a nice big salmon, and stuffing trout in it and then stuffing shrimp in that for our next Thanksgiving. (Please don't let them do that.) Isn't that a GREAT idea?

4...Wat culler is the carpet in the room yor in rite now?
Dirt and sand....(oh, Mommy doesn't want us telling that our rug needs to be vacuumed. Something about us vacuumming it---err hoovering it, to translate Aberican into Bearlish--if we keep telling what color it is now, so we'll go with what color it's supposed to be.) It's a cheap knock off of an Oriental rug, so the background is a lovely (it is loverly, Mommy, no kidding) teddy bear tan, with maroon, green and mauve. (Mommy taught us what mauve is. We're not girls!)

And, umm, really? We're going to have to break down and get Chrome to get our pictures on our Google Blogger? Does that make any sense to you? You'd think Google would be happy that we still like their old engine. Annoying twerps! (Just sayin', Mommy, and you agree.)

Mommy is in quite the mixed up mood to day. (-:o

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Lynda, Firefox kept doin that to us!!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Sasha, yu cheeky thing! I don't hav eny undies hehehehe!

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Oooh... missed this one.

Let's see.
1. When it's hot, like really hot... I like to stay in the air-conditioning. I have seen Mama dip her ball cap in water and then plop it on her head. Apparently it is quite refreshing (uh-huh).

2. Favourite Ice Cream - mint chocolate chip!

3. Fish - cold-smoked Sockeye Salmon - oh yummmmm.

4. Ummm... in a hotel in Vietnam and they don't "do" carpets over here - so it is beige ceramic tiles.

Good questions!