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Sunday, October 29, 2006

Wow! Hope they say "YES"!!!


I've jus found this on Mummy's compewter. It's a letter to Tesco. Wow! I hope they say we can! Wow! Hehehehe!

This is what she wrote:

"Dear Sir/Madam,

"I manage an online diary or “Blog” for a small bear called “Bob”.
You can view it here:

"Bob gives an overall score for each day, and one of the things that affects this score is whether or not he has been to Tesco. Obviously this can involve more than one visit on some days once you count the petrol station and the local shop too and on these days his score is much higher.

"Another of Bob’s interests is pants. In fact, one of his ambitions is to have a photo of himself taken in the pant section at Tesco. This is why I am writing this letter: I realise that because of security issues you do not allow photo’s to be taken in the store, but could an exception be made for a small, slightly obsessed bear? It could be a close-up so that nothing of the surrounding aisles etc. is shown, just a happy bear in among the pants, and you could have a member of staff present to supervise.

"I do hope that you will be able to oblige his dearly (or bearly) held, albeit slightly weird, wish for a photo in among your pants.
We look forward to your reply..."

(What does she mean, weird? obsessed? Cheek!)


Bye fer now...

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Margaret said...

I must remember not to try to eat cookies while reading your blog. I just sprayed crumbs all over this machine.