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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Friends from Oz!

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: yes- mor choklit biskits
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 9.5/10
  • Day Score: 8.2916/10


Yesterday was a bizzy day wiv all that guarding to do. So I was very pleased to open my email an find sum pikchers ov sum friends. These rogues all live in Ostraylia, where evrything is up-side-down an back-to-front. Like, they hav Crismos in the summer. As if that weren't bad enuff, they don't hav Marmite. No wonder they all look a bit confewsed. Very friendly sort, though, an wontid to see their pikchers on here.

I'll let Duck introdewse them all:

"This one is ME .. on my own and and and I GOT NO CLoTHES ON ..COS i was having my jacket washed..ha ha ha ha....

then there is one of me and one of my best friends BEar - he a bit rough cos he is a ozzie bear and likes bar bee qs and drinking beers...

then ME an my best friend MR WOO...

and the next last one is a ..a..one of ME again and my other best friend ralf....love and lots
duck and his freinds.....friends

It didn't escape my attention that Mr Bear has one ear forward and one ear back. An we all know wat that means ;@) Well done, Mr Bear! An thank yu, Duck an friends.

Bye fer now!


Bear said...

YOW! good on yer bob ..good to see yer put our mugs on yer web page mr woo mega excited and bouncing around the paddock like a cut tigger,
" oh! the wonderful thing about tiggers is tiggers are wonderful things their tops are out of rubber and the bottom is made out of springs there bouncey bouncey bouncey fun fun fun fun. oh! the wonderful thing about tiggers is mr woo is also one..( wel he is a kangaroon).

yer made his day an duck and mine to , i dont mind telling yer that .. yer a good sport me old mate... Well yer made us all nearly famous.and good on yer me old cobber .. not sure about the comments about upside thou .... and marmite is crap mate ..yer should get some veg i mite into yer blood that will sort yer out ..

And wot better time ter have the old crimble fest if not in the summmer yer open yer prezzies and then get totaled on beer in the garden or on the beach an have a big barbie ter finish the day ... strooth mate better that than freezing yer dingoos nuts off in the snow..

well thanks again yer a true blue for makin mr Woo and us all very happy cobbers.

see yer
oolarr roo mate


Margaret said...

Always good to meet some of your friends, Bob!


B.T.Bear Esq. said...

YEs, they all live wiv my Arnty Christina. She has another Bear, too, called Apollo. But he's a bit old and spends alot of time asleep on the bed nowadays. A bit like Mr Grunter.

Matt said...

Truly an international bear!