WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

A few updates on stuff....

Ahhh.... Independence day.... the day that led to them calling biskits 'cookies'.... an wen the whole confewzion abowt PANTS began. WA-HEYYY!!!!!!! Horray fer independence day! Wivowt it, pants mite be less fun.

Heer ar jus a few updaytes on things rownd heer.... yu partyin peeps mite need to catch up layter... hehehe


Hehehee! Yesbut has given me his "Caption of the Week" award. Hehehee!

This waz his pikcher:

An my capshun was: "Oh, bugger it! Let's buy one!"


Thanks, YesBut! An thanks fer the badge, too (see colum, rite).

Authorblog still incloods me on his list of Top Blogs. I'm 5th this week! Wa-heyy! The list coms owt eech Saterday. It's fun cos I lyke to luk up the other peepol on the list. I nominayte eny gud blogs I find, too. If yu see a gud blog sumwher, let Authorblog kno!

Intervewin Peeps

PYTHEAS has finisht arnserin the kwestchuns I put to him, an yu can now reed the intervew on his blog. He's a great littol traveller, he is. Want to kno mor abowt hs nayme?? Go see the intervew!

MEANIE has finisht his kwestchuns as well (diffrent kweschuns) (oviussly- yu wuddent arsk a Bear an a Dragon the sayme stuff, now, wud yu?) so yu can reed that intervew, too, today.

It waz grayte fun thinkin up the kwestchuns. Wy not volunteer to be intervewd by wun of theez reprobates? HAHA!

The Gallery

I am still werkin on a Speshol Gallery to go wiv this blog. I will put all the scanned Bear Bottoms there. It's never too layte to scan yor bare Bear bottom to be incloodid in this. Meanie an Monkey sed they wud, too. Wa-heyyy! Don't ferget now, guys, will yu? Peepol ar lukin forward to it.

If yu don't hav a scanner, a foto will do. Just emayle them to my Mummy.

Comin up.....

(1) another danse video plannd, (2) marrygolds to plarnt out, IF it ever stops raynin, (3) Daddy's berfday nex Wendsday, so probly mor cayke. Wa-heyy!

Snot update

Yes, Daddy still has a cold. Coffin alot. Well wat do yu expekt wen Dilly sez she's a nerse. Her approatch to care is "Tayke medsin, get betta. NOT tayke medsin, get pointy stik."

Bye fer now!


RUTH said...

I'm going to Colchester zoo on Saturday...do you have any relatives there? Hope dad feels better soon.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Not relativs, exaktly, but say hullo to the Bearcats fer me.

Ooo! An Mummy sez say hullo to the Pallas Cats. They're her favrit.

Wen did yu larst go ther? Tayke a bottol of warter wiv yu: looks lyke it's gonna be hot!


RUTH said...

I haven't been to the zoo for about 5 years and keeping fingers crossed that it stays dry.