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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Now, THIS shoppin, I can understand!

Yesterday's scores:

  • Gills: yes. Lost 3 - 0 to Watford (full nayme: Wat-fall-ov-poo-ford Utd)
  • Simpsons: yes!
  • Tesco: yes!
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10!/10
  • Day Score: if ownly we had wun 8.236 /10

I was very intrestid to reed that Phytheas had fownd a Hunny flayver Grizzly Bar on his laytist travols. Grayum luvs Grizzly bars. But so far he has stuk to Banarnana flayver. We thort that this waz the ownly flayver yu cud get. Let's face it, it waz the ownly flayver that Farther Crismoss put in Grayum's sok larst yeer:

Well, arfter seein the hunny wun on Pyth's blog, Mummy an dilly went owt today on the bus to hunt wun down- an fownd wun:

I think Dilly has a soft spot fer Grayum reelly. Enyway, he snaffold this up pronto an luvd it. He gayve a bit to me an the Windowsill Bears, too. It waz yum. Grayum is very happy that Dilly bort it for him. Heez pratikly yung wiv eggsitement over findin a hunny flayver Grizzly Bar.


Duzz this meen that Farther Crismoss is mean? Cuddent he hav brort him wun ov eech?

Grayum thinks that the hunny flayver wun has ownly jus come owt. I'm not sayin enything. Grayum wud be upset if he thort that there had been hunny flayver wuns all this time. So weer jus lettin him think they're new.

Just hope he stops bowncing soon.

Bye fer now!


Phytheas said...

Bob - "Weyhaaaaay"! Good to see your Mum has returned to IMPORTANT and SENSIBLE shopping trips! We bears have to make them understand where the priorities are. What's a Father Christmas and a Stocking, Bob?


PS - now off to Brighton for a meeting (snore), but there's chance of a beach visit afterwards!

Pope Terry said...

I cant imagine santas mean... maybe his elves were just lazt and didnt tell him they made honey flavored ones...

Shrink Wrapped Scream said...

I think grayum is very lucky to have so many people around him who love him so much! ((x))

Anonymous said...

Yummy! I like the graphics on the wrapper. "Grizzly Bar" play on words of "Grizzly Bear". Great name for a tasty treat. (I'm getting hungry.)

Meanie the baby dragon said...

Wee don hav Grizzly Barz heow butt we have Grizzly Baowz heow up bi Yellowstone National Park whitch iz not tu faw nowth ov waow wee wiv. Dumdimez peepow kunfuz it wiff Jellystone Pawk wiff Yogi an Boo Boo butt itz not duh dame pwaz!

Dilly said...

Grayum funny old Bear.
Still smelly.
Dilly like BIT.
(OK for Bear).


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Farther Crismoss is a old man in a red soot hoo comes to vizit in Desember. He is very bizzy so flys arownd very farst an duzzent stay long. He comes wen yor asleep an brings yu presents, IF yu've been good all yeer. Wat yu hav to do is hang up a sok at the end ov yor bed on Crismoss Eev, an he puts yor presents in it.

So he knoze wat to get yu shud rite him a letter a few months befor.

If yu ar arskin fer things like choklit peanuts, make shor yu yews a cleen sok (an not wun ov daddy's or the choklit will tayste funny). Its best to get a grown-up's sok coz they're bigger an that way yu mite get stuff like pensils.

Duzz this meen that yor Cheef ov Starff duzzent giv yu a sok to hang up? That's disgrayceful. I'd file a fishal complaynt, if I wer yu.

Good luk in Brighton. Don't get sand in yor fur or she mite try to wash yu. If sheez crool enuff to depryve yu ov Crismoss, ther's no tellin wat she mite do.

Good luk!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Pope Terry,
Or maybe they ate the hunny wuns!
Never trust green types.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Grayum is a very luky Bear all rownd.
Mummy adoptid him a few yeers ago to send him to her Daddy. But then she rememberd that Daddy haz a poodol hoo eets Bears' ears. So I told her, yu carnt send him there! it wud be crool an unyewsual punishmant. So I sed, keep him heer, I'll carfter him insted.

Heez kwite old, a retired teecher ov that grayte Bear sport, "BEAR! NOT A BEAR!".

Insidently, Mummy sent her Dad sum Likrish Allsorts insted. I don't think that sez much for how much she valews a Bear ov grayte provenanse, do yu?


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

They AR yummy! This hunny wun waz eevn better than the banarnana wuns!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Oooh! Meanie!
I thort that Yogi an Boo-boo livd in Yellostone too! WOW! Yu lern sumthin new evry day.

Unless yor nayme iz Dilly.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Dilly, Grayum is mor than OK an at leest he duzzent hide on top ov doors an dive-bom peepols' heds as they walk throo, makin Dambusters noises.