WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Curiosser an curiosser...

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: no, an Mummy sneekt off to the CO-OP insted. I refewsd to go. I don't care if they DO do exslent choccie biccies or eevn if their big boxis ov speshol Crismoss choccie biccies ar on speshol. 2 big boxis fer £4. Pah! Well they carnt be that good can they?
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 9/10
  • Day Score: 7.93692/10
  • Advent calendar pikcher: girl in a sheet goin for a walk


Well! The mistry deepens.

Those ov yu hoo hav been reedin comments from days parst will hav spottid that a koala (not-a-bear) haz infiltraytid the blog!

I speek ov corse ov "anonymous" hoo left a messidge on my post the other day, the wun abowt the Windosill Bear Familee's growin lak ov respekt. I cud tell it waz a koala (not-a-bear). Hav a reed ov it! Yu can jus smell the beak-nosed-tree-hugger-issity waftin throo the werds. Ha! It waz a wile befor I susst owt the orther's speesheez. But it dornd on me layter that nite that ownly a koala (not-a-bear) cud be that darft or that narsty. Heer's wat the yung ninkompoop rote:

Here did you learn english? Ever heard of spell check? What is this British Ebonics? Learn how to spell you idiot!

A crood, rood, an koala-like messidge, I'm shor yu'll agree!

Heer's wat I rote bak!

Anonymous,"Here did you learn english?" Yor sentence duzz not mayke sense, sir! AND! As I say at the top ov my blog, I RITE MY BLOG IN BEAR ENGLISH!!!! An I spell English wiv a capital "E", too, unlike yu! So don't go callin ME the idiot! At leest we Bears hav a sense ov hewmer yu silly incognito pooey Not-A-Bear! Don't come rownd heer spreddin yor silly forrin synicysm!

HA! Phwar! Tayke that!

I do hope that this messidge's tymin is meerly coinsidental. I do hope that the Windowsill Bears arnt recrewtin Koalas (not-a-bears) in their corze. No. I carnt beleev it. No way. No. I jus don't think they wud do that: they ar compleetly trustwerthy.

Still, I've put seekrit camras rownd the howse all the sayme. Weel discuver tomorro wat they've been up to!

Bye fer now!


Ms. Creek said...

i just want to know what a suprizisity score is all about....

Stanley said...


I've never understood the kind of cheek it takes to leave a nasty, not to mention, anonymous, comment on somebear's blog. If you're going to criticize a bear (and it takes a load of cheek to do that as a not-a-bear), then you should at least stand by your words (however mispelled they are, Mr. or Ms. Koala).

You are a straight-shooting put-it-all-on-the-table kind of bear, and I like that, Bob. You soundly told them what's what, AND YOU signed your name (unlike a koala not-a-bear we've all read).

Can't wait to see what the windowsill bears have been up to. Did you hide a camera in one of those hooman-looking dolls and leave it laying all casual like around the house?

Goober love,

Phytheas said...

Bob, he's not even a koala, not even one of them would be so rude (there's one in The Collective, so I should know). He's a not-a-human - pah, pah to him. (You could try some Olympic projectile pooing in his direction!)


Spaulding T, Bear said...

OK, gotta 'fess up! Coming from a mixed family (I'm married to a stuffed doggy, and have a bear for a son and a stuffed doggy for a daughter, as well as another stuffed doggy for a father-in-law. Teddy T. is married to a stuffed bunny wabbit, and has a kitty cat for a son, and a polar bear for a daughter, so we are quite mixed), I don't have such problems with not-a-bears, but, of course, rude is simply not tolerated!!! (Mommy checks our messages before we see them, to delete stuff that would hurt our feelings.)

AND, IMHO, now that we live with our used-to-be downstairs neighbors -- Mommy's dolls and several other famous stuffies not-a-bears -- at first, I saw no problems with letting the windowsill bears roam freely. Always thought, "the more, the merrier!" BUT, then it happened -- just tonight!

The Christmas stuffies are coming out to decorate our tree, and Mommy brought home another one. He is an odd fellow, but we liked him instantly, since he brought us hotdogs! BUT we have traditions and one of them is to play our guitars and sing with The Who in the beginning of all of the CSI shows. Afterwards, we do what the Who would do -- bop Mommy and Daddy in the heads with our guitars! I bop Mommy ans Teddy bops Daddy!)

Well, the new guy, Kris Kringle, wanted to borrow my guitar! MY guitar!!! Mommy made me share it with him, but I now agree -- rulz is rulz! Too many bears can be a problem. What do you think?

Missing MY guitar terribly,

PS Mommy is making me add that Kringle has one ear further back then the other. Does that give a spy the right to borrow MY guitar? Bob, you're a spy! Please, s'plain it to our Mommy -- and maybe, the Kringle guy too!

Mary said...

Wow that took a lot of balls apparently this person dosen't know how to take a joke! Why criticize a bear! Probably some stupid teenager!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Ms Creek!

A nose hug surprizisity score is given by the viktim wen I giv them a serprize nose hug. I collekt marks out ov ten all day, then put up the averridge!

It's a pritty straitforward gayme but ther ar speshol rools. Like, if they see me comin an duk, an that duk taykes ME by serprise so I miss, then I hav to forfeet the marks an they get them insted an I get a zero wich reelly lowers my averridge an maykes me anoyd!

If they try to duk an I still get them that meens I dubbly serprize them so I get to dubbol my scor.

Ther ar lots ov littol speshol sercumstances like this, so it can get kwite eggsytin.

Next time yu see Meanie, try it on him. HAHA!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Thank yu fer yor serport!

I havent got wun ov those not-a-bear-cams, but my camras ar very small. I hide them in daddy's yewsd soks so no wun will dare tutch them. HA!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


I wud reelly enjoy doin so, if ownly I knew wat direkshun that waz! HAHA!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Oh my!

This is awful!

I do sympathize. New Bears shud not com into the howse wivout the eggxistin Bears havin had a Howse meetin, a vote an the result put forwerd for further considerayshun at a layter dayte ov their choyse.

This is scandluss!

Oh, BTW, Dilly luvs doin AIR guitar to The Hoo on CSI. Unfortewnitly she sings along too. COs she duzzent do pronowns this meens "Hoooooo be?" at the top ov her voyse.

Enyway, no, spyrissity is not an excews for taykin yor gittar (an tell yor mum that sharin issent sharin unless it's yor idea, utherwize it's jus communism) carnt yor new howse-mate yews an air-gittar like Dilly????


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


A lotta balls.



Hey I like that doggy on yor blog. A "bear dog"! I wish I had met him!


Asta said...

I am appaled that someone would be so wude to you of all beaws!!!! That is simply howwible!
I can't believe the windowsill beaws would have anything to do with such a not-a-beaw.

You wewe simply wondewful at my pawty..I even got a little bewkiss fwom you undew the mistle toe, and yummm! that Iwish soda bwea and Hunny wewe exceptional! I hope you had enough choklit peanuts while tuwning the pages of my moosic on the piano..I asked Mommi to be suwe to keep it filled
I hope you had a good time!
smoochie kisses

Ms. Creek said...

meanie just tries to slip me the tongue because he's a naughty dragon!

do you surprise dilly???

Harry said...

Oh Bob, sorry you had such mean comments. You are such a darling boy, you deserve only niceness.

Toodle pip,
Harry x

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Asta, the pawty waz brill! An I carnt wayte fer the nex wun! Wa-heyyy!!!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Ms Creek,


That is soooo gustin!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


I kno, I kno... I jus don't kno wat go into them! I shorly havent sed enything to offend enywun? Apart from koalas, ov corse... wich maykes me think it's a koala!