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Friday, May 02, 2008

Sunflower Race- week 2

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no
  • Simpsons: no- we sor Family Guy insted- it waz the best ever episode, whare the baby an the dog (Brian) hav to go to Aspen an enter a skiing race to get Rupert the Bear bak. It's grayte. I've neerly got that darnse rooteen wiv Geen Kelly down to a fine art.
  • Tesco: yes- got a ride in the trolley at larst
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10/10
  • Day Score: it wud hav been kwite a deesent scor but there waz thunder an I don't like that. Speshly wen I carnt find my best Emergensy Hug Pants. I had to mayke do wiv my number 3 pair. 5/10


Well the sunflowers hav grown lots this week, an figurin owt hooz ar winnin is a bit difficult...Hmmmm....

Wat dya think?

Mummy thinks it's close but that Dilly's ar slitely bigger.... let me kno wat yu think!


Weer off to Granny's this weekend. We havent been there for weeks an weeks so Mummy is lookin forwerd to huggin the cats. If she can. I mean, they do tend to sulk wen she hassent been to see them for a wile. I don't kno if they will be owt ov the sulk by the time we leev wich cud be a problem. -Tryin to hug a sulkin cat is like tryin to pak a taybol into a suitcayse- eevn if yu can get the middol, the legs stik owt all over.

Bye fer now!


Lynda (Granny K) said...

It's a very close thing between yours and Dilly's, I think. Plenty of time to go yet. I think they need some more fuuuurtilizer!
Have a great weekend. Nose hugs all round.

Dilly said...

Not curridge Bob to do mor pooin indors, Lynda!


Ms. Creek said...

lmao, i've never thought about comparing hugging a cat with sticking a table in the suitcase. that made me laugh!

you've had a good week! i LOVE family guy, don't know if i've seen that episode, tho. and you got to go to tesco! sorry about the thunder...and the wind made you have pink princessy snow on your lawn!

have a good weekend!

CherryPie said...

I think one or two of Dilly's might be a tiny bit taller.

You need to give yours some more magic fertiliser ;-) :-)

A.Bananna said...

maybe you shouldn't have pooed in yours....hm...

Cassidy said...

Oooh, they be all tal and skinny like me! Daddy's girls going to lant some sunflowers when they visit this weekend. Me will ket you know how they grow (unless me decides to eat them!)

Have fun at granny's!

Cassidy x

Frog said...

Frog loves sunflowers ;)

Julie said...

Ooh Bob, I think Dilly may have some a bit bigger than some of yors but there's lots of time. I don't like thunder eether. It's horubull.
Have a grate weekend! I liked yor joke about stickin out catz.
I'm glad you liked my bear culerd postcard :o) nose hugs

i beati said...


Alf said...

Bob - I think Dilly's might be a tiny bit bigger - have you thought of swapping the labels? She wouldn't know!

Alf n Mindy xx

Stanley said...

Hey, BOB!

I like the look of yours and Dilly's sunflowers. Hers do look a teeny bit taller, but like everyone is saying, you've still got plenty of time.

If you really believe in your fertilizer, then I'd say you might want to step it up.

Sorry about the thunder, buddy. I happen to be a very queer dog because I LOVE wild weather, and thunder doesn't bug me one bit. I like to run like the wind outside when it's raining buckets and the wind is howling around! Wish I could pass some of that wild weather love onto you. Since I can't, I'm sending extra comforting goober smooches to you to save for the next thunder storm.

Have a blast at granny's. I love your word picture of hugging a sulky cat.

Goober love,

No Cool Story said...

I think Dily's are a bit taller, but there's still time. My mom says that if you talk and sing to your plants they'll grow.

I've never sang to mine, because no one should have to go through that, but I do talk to them on occassion: I tell them to "please not die" :)

Fletch said...

Bob T,

You've been tagged!

Alex L said...

To close to call Bob, far to close to call.

Meanie the baby dragon said...

Hi Bob! Mee bak bwoggun now! Me dont hav duh spidow no mow doh u wont be skaowd! Mee mawmaw wont yet me pwant fwowowz!

Velvet Ginger (Rubye Jean) said...

Are you back from your trip bob? Did your Mummy get to hug the cats? I have 2 cats she can hug is she wants.

BumbleVee said...

same thing if you try to stuff a cat in the car for a trip to the vet isn't it? How can a small animal stretch itself out so it can't fit through the car door?!

Still... ya gotta love cats...wish I had some but my guy is allergic ...

Turbo the Sibe said...

I've seen that Family Guy! I loved it!

It's hard to tell who is winning your race. Although Dilly's is a bit taller, your has a few more leaves!


Stardust said...

Hey Bob!

Yur sunflower iz doin fyne! No worries at oll. It's too soon to tell who's goin to win yet. So, charge on!

Enjoy yurself at the Granny's. The taybol thing waz so farnny.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

HUllo! I'm bak!! Wa-heyyy!!!!!!!!!!

Mummy sez it's too layte to blog an I shud be in bed. Boo. So I'm jus nippin in to say hullo. I've been watchin Bears on the telly. Heheheee. Oh, OK Mum, I'm comin....
(nag, nag, nag...)


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Thanks for the nose hugs.
If the seedlins need mor fertilizer, thare's plenty mor whare that cayme from! Wa-heyy!



Get off my blog!



Lukkily the cats dident sulk much at all, altho FLuffy did run off wen Mummy waz tryin to brush her.

Famly Guy is sumtimes rood an Mummy duzzent allways let me watch, but I like the Bear an Stewy an Brian!



Heheheh! Plenty mor whare that cayme from!



Ooo I'll nip over an see wat happend! (Don't eet them!)



Hullo! I luv it wen yu pop by- or HOP by!



Wat maykes thunder eevn werse rownd heer is that DIlly beleevs it's "wagons in the sky" an so duzz lots ov silly darnsin wenever it happens.



Issent it the best episode? HAHAHA!



WOW! THat's a brillyant idea! Teehee!!!



Yu sownd like Mummy! She luvs wild weather too. She goze owt an standsin the garden wen it thunders. Sumtimes she taykes a chair an sits at the open door an watches it. WEIRD.



"pleez don't die" -hahaha!!! I wunder if darnsin rownd the flowers wud help. I'm an exslent darnser, I am.



Oh my goodness! I hav? WOW! I shall be over to investigayte! Hehehe! Thanks!



Yu may be rite but I'm shor thare's a rool abowt this... ah yes, heer it is.... if in dowt, I WIN! HAHAHAH!



Thank goodness! Now it's safe I'll be over!



Sheel be rite over to hug them if she reeds that.... she carnt resist. Cats ar her drug.



Mummy's EX boyfrend (long time ago) told her "if yu get rid ov the cats, I'll moov in!". She choze the cats insted. HAHAHA!

Yes, sayme wen yu hav to get them in the car. An then they sing all the way.



It's a grayte episode issent it? Hehehe! Glad they got Rupert bak. It waz a bit scary thare for a wile. As fer mor leevs on mine, hey yeah, good poynt!!!! Thanks!



I think they mite hav cort up wile we were away. I'll do anuther photo tomorro so yu can judge!


Thank cew for all yor messidges to me. SOrry it took a wile to arnser!

Nose hugs!


Anonymous said...

WOWIE-WOW-WOW! Look at those little plants grooooooow!

Carolyn said...

Sorry Bob, but Dilly is willing. Can't wait to see your sunflowers when they're all grown up.

Animals with Opinions said...

wow that's really close. ours aren't growing so my human tried some different seeds. she gave the seeds that didn't work to the goats and chickens.