WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Friday, June 27, 2008

Things growin owt bak

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no
  • Simpsons: yes- Chief Wiggam waz runnin abowt in his underpants!!!!
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10/10
  • Day Score: 7.229321/10


Sum peepol hav bin arskin bowt the sunflowers I plarntid. Oh deer. Erm, well. Sorry, but they all committid sueyside. Ha! Oh well. I thort I wud tayke a few pikchers for yu ov wat IS growin owt bak.

I won't carp on abowt the flowers. That's Dilly's department reelly. Sheez forever stikkin roses an stuff on her blog. No. I'm mor intrestid in things like herbs. They're intrestin. Sum ov them tayste nice, wile uthers provide a soft an nicely sentid wipe for wen I've had to nip behind the tree.

So heer we go-

This is wat I whare wen I do gardnin on a hot day. Pants an boots, like a Spartan. The hankercheef hat waz Mummy's idea (nagggg nagggg nagggg.)

The bak garden is a skware shaype.

This is from the bottom left corner:

This is from the bottom rite corner:

This is from the top left corner:

This is from the top rite corner:

Theez pots ar stuff that Mummy hassent fownd playsis to plarnt.Clokwise from me, sittin in sum Orange Thyme; then Ginger Mint, a small willow tree at the bak, Chamomile (wich Mummy luvs but Daddy thinks smells like cats), a small tree peony, "Buckler's Leaf" type sorrel, a pasque flower at the frunt, an in the middol pot thare is pineapple-sage an marjoram.

This spikey lookin herb is calld Toadflax. In the middol is Motherwort an at the bak is Southernwood, wich is nice an lemonny.

I don't mind theez flowers cos they ar diffrent. They ar a kind ov alium, wich is a kind ov unyunThey eevn smell a bit unyunny, an hav a sort ov bloo bit in the middol. The bees luv them!

The bees like this next herb, too. It's calld Valerian. Lots ov it gro all over arownd heer. This bit waz growin owtta the conkreet in the drive, an Daddy weedid it. Mummy sor him carryin it an sed, "Giv that heer, I'll hav that!" an plarntid it in the bak. It waz smaller than me in thoze days.

This next herb is calld Rue. I like it cos it's a blooey-green culler an it smells intrestin. Sort ov medisinny. Or like likkorish.

Yu hav to be careful as it can mayke sum peepol get a rash if they tutch it too much. I'm ok cos ov me ferrr.

This is the Crismoss tree from larst yeer. It's doin ok. I like to keep it fertilized.

This wun's calld Sweet Cicely. Oops! Lost me boot!

This next wun is Fennel, an it's kwite fluffy an tikkly an smells ov annaseed.

This littol wun won't ever grow big but it haz the strongest smell. It's Corsican Mint an I think it's kewt.

Theez ar calld PennyRoyal an ar minty. I'm hoppin on wun fut coz I've lost me boot agen!

This is Pot Marrygold. The wite bits ar berd poo. HAHAHAHA!

This is Bronze Bugle but it's ment to be mor red than this!!!

Now THIS is a yewssfoll wun! This is Sweet Woodruff, an iz a bit stikky so it's helpfoll wen a Bear needs extra help wiv a trikky wipe cos it haz grayte grippin kwallitys. Hehehehe!

Thoze larst few wuns ar in the Dark Corner. At the bak ov this corner, we stakt sum old wood an sum big cuttings from the tree....

Arfter a week, sum frogs had moovd in wun end, an sum bumblebees had moovd in at the uther! A woodmouse livs in this bit, too, an the hedgehog parsses this way at nite. I like this corner!

This is my berd-warterer. The dome part haz a hole at the bottom. Yu fill the dome wiv warter, put the sorcer on top, then flip it up-side-down reelly farst. Wunce it's this way up, the warter comes owt for abowt an inch. The berds can sip this an they get fresh warter for days, so it's handy for wen we go to Granny's.

Neerly finishd! This is Foxglove. I like it cos bees go rite up inside the flowers an all yu can see is their bottoms, wigglin!

Larst, this is Tansy an it smells lemonny. It issent bad tansy, like ragwort, it's a diffrent wun....

.............an .......... this is my Oak tree, wich I'm growin from a haycorn!!!!!

Well I hope yu enjoyd my tour ov wat's growin owt bak!!!


Good luk wiv the arty-crafty challenge (see last post for detayles, but don't ferget yu can do enything, theez wer jus serggestchuns.)

Lynda haz allreddy dun hers!!! It's grayte- go look! HEHEHEH!

I'll copy a pikcher (if that's ok?) ov eech wun dun an put them all on wun post. Shall we hav a cut-off dayte? How bowt 8th July?

Bye fer now!!!


Becky said...

Wow, Bob - it's a good thing you explained what all of those plants were... I'm afraid I would have thought some of them were weeds and pulled them right up! You are very knowledgable about herbs and such - where did you learn this? I hope you found your missing boot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tour Bob. I learned a lot about herbs. I have lavender growing this year. It is starting to flower. And I think two of my sunflowers are growing... or they might be tall weeds. I'll wait and see.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Mummy an Daddy hav the sayme trubbol. Speshly Daddy. A few yeers ago Daddy prowdly annownst that he had dun sum weedin. Wen Mummy had a look, the weeds wer still thare but the Chrysanthemums had all gon. HAHAHAHAA!

Mummy lets things gro. She sez, if it duzzent sting or hert the uther flowers, jus leev it be an see wat it duz. She calls weeds 'free flowers'. She eevn lets a patch ov nettols gro cos the flutterbyes like them.

But Mummy carnt remember the naymes ov all the herbs, so she haz mayde littol nayme tags for them. She duzzent yewzly like nayme tags on things in the garden, but it waz this or risk sumwun (ahem!) weedin them.

Mummy got lots ov them from the Farmers' Market.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


We hav lavender in the frunt garden. It's hewge. We yewst to have sum in the bak but it went all woody an died. Befor it snufft it Mummy cut a bit off, abowt 3 incheslong. She put it in a mini vase in the barthroom an it grew roots!!!! Must be sumthing in the warter!!! Enyway this is now the lavender growin in the frunt garden an it's reelly big now, like 25 x 25 inches and wiv big flower stalks. An it waz free!

We hav a big rosemary bush in the bak. It's overgrown reelly but we keep it big cos bayby sparrows hang owt in it, an the frogs gather under it wen they hav a party.


Stardust said...

Bob! Wat a beautiful bak garden yu hav dere! I wanna be dere oll day!! WHEEE! I LUV BEES! If I own a garden, I'll make it a paradize fer bees. =) I'll search fer a berd waterer too cuz I woold luv to have berds comin'. Herbs ar fer me too but Basil is the only wun I'm growin, and I carn't 'bear' to eat em. Pleese tell me wat to do.

Everything is gorgeous an I carn't decide wat I lyke best!! Maybe, it's yu... Pleese update agen Bob, and keep them fertilized hunny, but beware of stings. Chek ferst fer suspicious bugs.

Alex L said...

For Sparta hey Bob. Looks like a lovely garden for you to do your 'business' in.

Bear Naked said...

Bob thank you for the tour of the back garden.
You have many interesting plants and herbs and flowers there.
Make sure when Mummy and Daddy go out there to help you that they put on their SPF lotion.
You don't have to worry because you have fur but the parents should always be careful outdoors.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Intresting herbs you got there Bob!
Your garden is like a wildlife sanctuary! We had some Rue once but our dog kept weeing on it so much it died. I love the smell of Southernwood, mmmn, like mens' aftershave!

Teddy Bear Giraffe said...

That looks like a jolly good place to frolic!

Ms. Creek said...

Thank you, BOB, for that beautiful and interesting tour of your yard! I wished we could grow all those herbs here, but the climate isn't right. Fennel Seed is my flavorite...and I find it interesting that your opinion of most of these plants relate to how useful they are as wipes! lol

i see ou didn't wear your head rag very long. Did mum nag nag nag you about it again?

sorry about your sunflower seeds...but please tell your mum I think your yard is simply lovely!

and cool bird waterer!

CherryPie said...

Oh! Bob I wish your mummy could come and help me sort out my garden yours is so lovely :-)

Asta said...

I love youw gawden out back..I could weally womp thewe..I love hewbies, cause I love food, hehehehe some of those wewe new to me, but I like leawning about them..youw Mom must be wondewful..I dont blame hew fow telling you to weaw that kewchif..the sun can be vewy dangewous..I love those bootses..
and what a gweat idea fow the fwesh watew fow the biwdies..bwilliant
smoochie kisses

Sandy Kessler said...

Plants are my hobby we could have so much fun . The sunflowers probably drowned in all the rain. What fun we could have if we lived near enough to exchange plants I posted some of my flowers a few days ago - shower daily now until July remember I sent you a special bear award last week.i ,like the bell ones. All ecperienced gardeners like Bob. Have you heard from Calamity ? wear boots and the hat - stylin man

San said...

Bob, I am downright envious of your glorious herb garden. How soothing to walk in the midst of so much healing vegetation.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


I like to be owt in the gardin. Yes, I do find it soothin, speshly if it's just us Bears owt thare. Altho, the birds wer so moisy today!! We hav a starling "kindergarten" in our bak gardin!!!! They wer sooooo skworky.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


ah yes, I havent fergottid abowt the award. THANKS! I think I shud desine my own wun. I think I wud call it The Golden Frolic Award for peepol hoo reveel thare inner Bearissity. Wa-heyy!!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


I think they shud do bigger vershons for dogs an cats. don't yu? WUddent it be grayte if peepol got them for dogs an cats, an then jus put them owt in the street owtside thare howse? An eny cat or dog goin for a walk can stop off for a drink.

Sumtimes I see that owtside shops- the shopkeeper puts a bowl ov warter owtside for the doggies. Hehee.

Maybe if I arsk he wud put a pot plarnt thare too, in cayse a Bear is cort short. HAHAHAHA!

Nose hugs!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Mummy did alot ov werk on the garden a wile ago, but this yeer she is doin less cos she haz hert her bak. It got werse wen she did that sponserd run. Now she can ownly do littol bits at a time. WIch is wy I had me boots on an helpt.

Wen we ferst moovd heer 4 yeers ago, the frunt garden waz all grarss an so Mummy dug owt a therd ov it to mayke room for plarnts. The uther day I herd her say, lookin owt the windo, "I carnt beleev I did that. I cuddent do it now." but I gayve her a hug an sed, yes yu cud, cos weed all help.

SO thare yu ar, yu see. ROwnd up yor Bears. Yu mite hav to bribe them wiv new boots, but weer kwite willin an helpfull reelly.

Nose hugs!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Ms Creek,

Yeah, yu got it- naggg naggg nagggg! HAHAHA! ENyway, I had to nip behind a tree FARST! an I dident hav time to chek for wipes so I yewsd me hat. HAHAHAHAA!

Daddy like fennel seed. We put it on broccolli wen it's cookin, to mayke it tayste less like broccolli.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

teddy bear giraffe


Yup, it's a grayte frolic playse! It haz a tall fence all rownd an anuther garden on the uther side ov eech fence. SO we ar all enclosed an seekrit an can get upta watever a small Bear wud like. Ha!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Befor I settol down for a poo, I inspekt the surrowndin greenery very carefully, an sumtimes, if it's a bit dark an I carnt see proply, I''ll eevn growl, to mayke shor there ar no sleepin bugs.

It's grayte havin bees nestin in the corner tho. It's very intrestin an relaxin to lie down under the bush an watch them com an go.

Nose hugs!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Alex L,

Ahh Alex, on my wayvelenff as yewszual! WA-HEYY!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Bear Naked,

Do yu hav to ware SPF wen yu go owt wivowt yor ferrr on? (I'm still a tad disterbd by yor foto!)


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Since we did theez fotoes, Mummy plarntid the Southernwood in the frunt garden under the windo so that she can smell it wen it gets bigger. Also, we red that it keeps flys away. Dilly is a bit mifft cos she likes it wen flys get in the howse- she likes to stalk them.

Hehheee- yor doggy peed on the rue. Hehheee. I wonder wy he pikt that plarnt?? Maybe the littol leevs wer tikkly.


Bear Naked said...

You silly bear.
Of course I never go outside with my fur off.
What would my neighbours think?

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Bear Naked,

They'd probly think, "Oh look! It's a bear wiv no ferrr, like wun ov them inside-out cats!"



BumbleVee said...

That is definitely the favourite corner with lots of activity isn't it? sounds like a fun garden..

I tried some Valerian once...to help me sleeeeep.... didn't work. The only thing I noticed was how horrible it tasted....ick....

Asta said...

What a bwilliant idea Bob

I think you should suggest it to youw local polititians..ow council??ow whoevew does that wtuff...I would cewtainly appweciate it.
smoochie kisses

JB's Big World said...

My mom loves growing things and loves your yard.

Julie said...

what a grayte toor rownd your garden Bob! I love yor red wellies too. Herbs are fab. I've lerned abowt sum new wuns today.