WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Anuther pawtrayte! Wa-heyyy!!!!!! But thunder. Booo!

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: yes, they had a frendly an beat Avery (wich I dident kno waz eevn a playce, I thort it waz a retirement home fer berds) 4 - 1. Our viktry waz probly dew to Mummy buyin 7 new pairs ov pants from Tesco's, an lettin me giv them a Sellabraytory Graduayshun Frolick all eevnin.
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: yes- pants! Still no washin masheen an Mummy is gettin nervuss abowt runnin owt. It helpt that I've serruptishly hidden sum as well. Jhee jhee jhee.
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 9/10
  • Day Score: 8/10


Zach, from Debbie's Bears haz posted this grayte pawtrayte ov me!Wat is reelly REELLY amayzin is that I akchewlly hav a jumper jus like this! Look!Wa-heyyy!

This is Zach, in the middol. He is sittin between Scrappy an Carly. I like their pet dog. (An don't worry, Scrappy an Zach, I kno jus wat it's like to hav a sister obesst wiv PINK!!!)I am very flatterd to hav all theez pawtraytes drorn ov me! It makes all me beads go tingly! Hehehehe!!!! Thanks, evrywun!


This mornin we went into town an at ferst it was reelly hot an sunny. Thare wer lots ov peepol owt shoppin, an we had to park on the roof ov the car park! Mummy took sum fotoes ov the roofs over the town, then stuk the fotes together to mayke this long pikcher (clik on it to mayke it bigger!):

This issent in the larst pikcher, it was just owt ov shot- but it is the very top ov the tower on the Town Hall. From the grownd it is so tall yu carnt reelly see much ov the statew, so Mummy took theez fotoes wile we wer on the roof. The statew is ov St Helena -Helena is Mummy's nayme!- an this is the patron saynte ov Colchester. She waz the dorter ov King Cole, an that's whare Colchester got it's nayme.Dilly likes the statew cos it haz dragon- types all arownd it, too (oh, good greef!):I waz havin a good mornin reelly, but then it.. it..... it.... it thunderd!!!!!!!!!!


An I dident hav my Emergensy Hug Pants wiv me!!!!!!

It waz reelly reelly scary. But I waz very brayve! I've sed it befor an I'll say it agen: jus cos I get scared ov thunder duzzent meen I'm not brayve cos if I wassent scared I wuddent need to be brayve an eevn if I still WAZ brayve, if I waz never scared I wuddent KNO I waz bein BRAYVE. So thare. If yor not scared ov thunder it duzzent meen yor brayver than me (tayke note, Dilly) cos if yor not scared yu don't need to be brayve!



It rayned an rayned an rayned. An this an ideal time to show yu wat I bort larst munth to ferther my syentifik studys. A rayne gayge! An wow! Jus look at how mutch rayne we had today in the storm!

Eevn arfter all that rayne it is still very hot heer. I hope we don't hav eny mor thunder, but I am keepin a good serply ov pants neerby jus in cayse.

Bye fer now!!!


CherryPie said...

I think it might rain again here soon, it is so windy I think there may be some thunder too! Rain gauges are fun aren't they?

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Yey, rain gayges ar brill! I like to drink it arfter, too!

Hope it duzzent thunder whare yu are. Keep yor emergensy hug pants nearby!


Ms. Creek said...

That's right, bob, if you aren't scared, you can't be brave! you are a wise bear!

our state capitol is Helena! Both e's have their short vowel sound with the accent on the first syllable. is that how it is for our mum, too?

DILLY said...

Hewo Ms Cweek!

MWEAH! Be sayme!

Mummy get very noyd wen peepol say Heleeeena! Fnar!

Be- Heh- leh- nah!



Stardust said...

Bob, I LUV yur jumper!! Is that thing over yur head the jumper? It looks so good on yu. =D

Izzn't it a spheshol feelin to hav something great named as oneself? Did mummy claim that statew? ;)

Bob, I understand purfectly yur theory on bravery! It's true Bob, what's bravery when there ain't fear in the begining? And I think bravery is awesome. Do yu want to try facing thunder widout the emergency pants, one day? Um. Let's take it slow... nose hugs.

T.B. Superstar said...

Hi Bob! How are you? It's hot here too! I'm sweating my fur off. I like the portrait that Zach drew :) It does look a little like a Bob cookie! Heheheh. I got some new clothes and stuff from Mommy. Plus we got a new house mate. Wooo. Mr. Beasley, we call him. Take care, Bob!


Bear Naked said...

Good Morning Bob.
It is my morning here where I live but it must be your afternoon where you live so I guess I should say Good Afternoon Bob.
Thank you for making me smile today.
I needed a smile.

Bear((( )))

i beati said...

You are quite brave in all that thunder.

Esmeralda Williamson-Noble said...

Bruno, a medium sized brown bear author of:
Bruno and the search for William, was also my companion in India this winter.
He did ok in India.

Becky said...

Hey Bob - Scooter shares your same kind of bravery when it thunders out! Instead of emergency pants, however, he works up a lot of anger and barks and barks and barks until that storm backs off- LOL. It is HOT here, too and I'm ready for cooler weather and football season to start! Only 29 more days until my team has their first game (Nebraska Cornhuskers vs. West Michigan State on 8/30!!) Go Big Red!!

Julie said...

Ooooh Bob! You wer brayve! I hate thunda too and we had a storm this week too. It was horribel! I forgot about emergensy hug pants!

Alex L said...

Its been raining a bit here lately, but as usual we could always use more. Maybe you could send all your thunder my way Bob.

Lynda (Granny K) said...

We used to have a lovely German Shepherd dog who was only ever afraid of two things - fireworks and thunder. She would tremble like a leaf and try and get into my pocket. Not an easy thing for such a big dog.
I like you rainwater gauge (wot a lot of rain...or did you weeinit?! Har! Har!!!)
Nosehugs. GrannyK

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Ms Creek,

Ah yes, brayve an wise, that's a BEar!



No, that's my hoodie. It waz too hot to put it on proply, but it waz rayning still an I dident want to get me ears wet. It's horbol gettin yer ears wet. Spshly wen they stand on top ov yer hed.

Wat? Leev my emergensy hug pants? Wat on erth for? ;@}



Oooo I'm intreegd. I shall hav to nip over an see hoo this Mr Beasley is!


Bear NAked,

Oh dear! Yu sownd down! I'm sorry to hear this. I hope yor arm issent gettin itchy. Sumtimes things get itchy wen they're heelin. Nose hugs!


i beati,

Thank yu! A Bear haz to be brayve. It's wat we do.



Thank yu so much for yor vizit! I went to yor blog an I must say, Bruno is a fine Bear, kwite hansum! I can see he must be a grayte companyun.

Nose hugs!



I carnt wayte till OUR footie seezon starts proply either! I arskt Mummy if she waz gettin exsytid abowt it, an she just stared at me an Daddy. I'm not shor if that waz a yes or no.



yu shud never ferget yer emergensy hug pants! This is wy I hav 3 pairs. This week's storms wer so lowd I had to hav the number wun pair, tho.

Mummy luvs thunder an goze owt an stands in storms. Sheez kwite weird sumtimes. I don't kno whare she gets it from.


Alex L,

I shall do all I can to send it yor way if it comes bak!!!!!



He tryd to get in yor pokkit! That's funny! Hehehe! Grandad had a big German Shepherd calld Buster an he waz like that- if he cud bury his snowt under a cushon he thort yu cuddent see him! HAHA!

No, I dident pee in the rain gauge, cheeky!!! I'm not that acrobatic! Enyway, if I had it wud hav been yello rayne. HEHEHEHE!