WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Saturday, August 09, 2008


Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: no, an Daddy kept sayin we wud, for cow juice, but he dident. Poo. Yu shuddent teez a Bear like that, yu kno. I may be cewt but I do ferroshus as well.
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 9.5/10
  • Day Score: 7 an a bit /10


Hurrayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! At larst! The washin masheen cayme! Yeeeeeeeeeeehaarrrrrrrrrr!!!!

Heer we ar, watchin lots ov Daddy-Pants an soks goin rownd an rownd:

Shayme abowt the soks, reelly, but they had startid to walk arownd the howse by themselves so Mummy sed they shud go in strayte away- ferst to test the masheen: if it can handol a bumper lode ov Daddy's soks then it will survive enything, nucleor hollocorsts incloodid- an second cos we dident want the environmental polleese comin rownd to investigayte wy berds no longer flew within 3 sqware miles ov our howse, wich mite hav bin the cayse if the soks had bin allowd their freedom for much longer.

***** ***** *****

Mummy went shoppin an lost sum ov it. She rote abowt it on her blog. She got all upset cos she cud hav lost Dilly, wich she sez wud be reelly reelly bad. Yeah. I spoze I wud hav mist her. I spoze.

Enyway, cos Mummy waz upset Daddy thort it best to let her hav sum ov the choklit he got from the kids wen terms ended...

***** ***** *****

Speekin ov missin peepol, we will miss Daddy next week, cos he is goin to Ireland Munday nite, till Friday. Mummy carnt go cos her parssport went owt of dayte. She cud still go if she had a drivers' license, cos they just want ID. But she duzzent hav wun. I offered to dror a pikcher ov her and rite 'this is my Mummy' on it, but apparently this issent enuff. Blimin' cheek!!!!

I'm not goin cos Ireland is whare I get kidnappt an run-over. Dilly hassent desydid whether to go or not yet. Mummy sed Daddy mite stik her in the hold an then Ryanair will looz the bag.

***** ***** *****

Yeah, I spoze I mite miss her.

***** ***** *****

Weev bookt up to go away a bit all together arfter Daddy gets bak. Weer goin to Buxton. We want to continew our explorin ov England.

So far weev bin explorin in Yorkshire, the New Forrest, Norfolk, and The Cotswolds. We always do lots ov walkin. But this time Mummy won't be abol to cos her bak haz hurt since she did that sponsord run in May. Weev orderd a speshol brayce for her that mite help. Hope it gets heer in time, cos I fancy a walk in the countryside an a nice piknik on a hill wiv jam an scones an carrot cayke.

***** ***** *****

Hey! Remember I sed that that werd verificayshun thingy is gettin rood??? Well look at this!! This is wun that Mummy got errlier. If it wernt for that "g" she mite hav been myterly offendid!!!

***** ***** *****

Off to Granny's today. Hope yu all hav a grayte weekend!

Heer's a joke to end on-

Wat do yu call a man wiv no shin bones????

scroll down...

bit mor....

the arnser is...



(Hey wy'd ya grone?)

Bye fer now!


T.B. Superstar said...

Hahahaha that is a funny joke. I'm going to have to tell that one.

Nice washing machine. It looks like a good one to watch pants.

Hav3e fun at granny's!

Molly and Taffy said...

Phew, thank dogness the washing machine arrived, could have been a national disaster all those smelly socks cavorting around.

Those chocks looked ever so yummy, not that we know what chocolate tastes like of course but they sure did smell good.

Have a good weekend Bob

Molly and Taffy

Guess what!!! WE are in Derbyshire this weekend..will go and check out Buxton for you!

Denise said...

Buxton is great! We will have to see if we can meet up! It is a bike ride away!

i beati said...

Lots of good info here. Sorry Mummy about loss.- I love that you are sharing your trips with us- will look forward to Buxton !!! sandy

Bear Naked said...

Hurray the washing machine finally arrived.
MMMMMM those chocolates look delicious.

Doesn't chocolate have a delicious scent?
How can anyone resist?

Bear((( )))

Mousie/Paisible said...

why do human eat chocolate with their nose, and not with their mousie, like normal animals do ? is your mum OK my sweetheart ? still have you in my thoughts darling...much much love from your favorite Mousie

Mousie/Paisible said...

I meant eat chocolate with their mouth !!! gosh ! so absent-minded today ( sorry !)

Becky said...

Bob - you know you would miss Dilly a lot!! Big of you to admit it here :)

Hurray for washing machine!
Hurray for chocolate!

Sorry, do NOT get the joke at all...? is it a British thing? I understand this one: What do you call a man with no arms & no legs?
(answer = Matt, like a doormat, get it?)
But, Tony? Sorry, no comprendo!

I like hearing about your trips! There is a lot about England that I am interested in as I've never been there and it sounds so awesome. Have you ever been to the US? It is way big... I haven't even been to all the states yet!!

Pack your Daddy a goodie bag for his trip, maybe draw him a picture of you and Dilly so he doesn't forget you while he is gone!

Love you Bob!

BumbleVee said...

hey...looks like us on the Saturday night that we finally got our washer working...sitting on the toilet in the same room....saying thinpink stripy sock...hey..is that the mate?..dunno...could just be the same one..how many times has the drum gone around?

well...how rude indeed...that was a dandy!

CherryPie said...

Looks like a fun washing machine :-)

How sweet of Daddy to cheer Mummy up with chocolate.

I am sure you will have a fun holiday in Buxton.

Julie said...

Phew! Thank goodnesss the woshin masheen came...and it works! Yahay! It survived the sok test!

I hope Daddy has a good trip to Ireland. I love Buxton too. I have relativs there.

I'm off to see Dilly now, I'm glad she didn't get lost - you would miss her lots.

Ooh! There's "jam" in the word verify thingy! I like jam!

Alex L said...

Looks like a nice Machine Bob, shame they dont make washers with a frolick setting on them.

Stanley said...


PLease, before you finish reading this, give your mama a big juicy goober smooch from me... and a goober hug. She sounds like she could use one. (I bet the chocolate helped a LOT, though.)

I read about what happened on her arty blog and was about to cry myself. But your daddy seems like a sweet sensible sort of fella, and he's right. It happens, and at least it wasn't her purse or doG forbid, Dilly!

About the cow juice and going to Tesco, you should mention to your daddy that daddy's should say what they MEAN, not what they hope they mean.

Goober love & smooches,

Ms. Creek said...

i have no clue about your joke! i know if you have to explain them it ruins it...so it's up to you if you want to help me out!

i'm glad you finally got to have a party with your friends to watch the pants go round and round. the socks you speak of remind me of my son's socks when he was in high school!

tell you mum i would be HAPPY to come and help her eat some of that yummy chocolate!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

TB, yup, it's a grayte masheen an did loades ov pants in wun big go WA-HEYY!


Molly an Taffy,

WOW! I'm lookin forwerd to reedin yor report on Buxton! I wunder wat the cakes thare ar like. They wer grayte in Yorkshire, larst yeer!



Pleez don't chanyge that pukcher- I luv that goose! Ownly a bike ride away? WOW! We shall hav to meet up for tea an scones! Hurrayyyy! I mite get to meet Mrs N! WOW! Hehehehe! I'm all a giggol at that! hehehe


i beati,

ah yes, it is defnitly lost. We finally got throo to the bus peepol on the fone todau an they havent got her bag iver. So sumwun has tayken it. Mummy is sad that sum peepol arnt onnist.



Heheheheh! It's ok I knew wat yu ment. Mummy likes the smell ov choklit neerly as mutch as the tayste! She sez harf the calorys ar in the smell!
I'm so happy to see yu heer agen!


Bear Nayked,

Wa-heyyy! Yeah. Mummy likes to put choklit cayke in the microwayve an mayke it go gooey. It maykes the howse smell ov choklit arfter!


Becky, I'll explayne that joke in the next post! But yu'll groane wen yu reed it! HA!

The ownly bit ov the US I've bin to is Boston but it waz kwite nice thare an me an Daddy sat in a park an rote a card to Mummy cos it waz neer her berfday.



The dor seems bigger an cleerer on this wun so yu see mor pants!!!



I hope so- I hope the weather britens up by then. It is very warm heer but keeps rainin an thunderin. I hope it is just sunny in Buxton cos we want to go splorin.


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Yu hav relativs thare? WOW! I think we choze a reelly popular playce to go to! Duz the sun come owt thare at all?



A frolick setting! WOw! I dident think ov that! That wud be fantastik!



DOG forbid! Hehehe! DOG! Hehehe! I like that! Hehehe!
Yeah, Daddys shud stik to wat they meen an follo throo. I did try to tell him that, but wen I got the bit abowt followin throo, I just thort ov poo an cuddent stop larffin.


Ms Creek,

Yor owtta luk, she ate them all!
OK I'll explayne that joke!



Stardust said...

Wat a condensed post this is, but ferst I'll go Yeeeeeeharrrrrr too at yur washeen masheen. It must be as good as enything! YoooHooo!

Mummy almost lost Dilly?? I'll go check out later...

The choklit lukes so very yummy. Your family is so very lucky to be dipped in choklit all the time.

Stay out of Ireland, Bob! I wish I can make yu a full gear. No, yu woold need an armour! Oh but forget the sore thoughts and luke forward to yur new trip! Have lotsa fun with mummy an make sure dat she comes back smiling. =)

Mary said...

mmm that chocolate sure looks good much better than the stuff here.

No Cool Story said...

YAY for the washing machine!!
I love that picture of all the cute bears staring at it (and the pants)
I am so glad your mom didn't lose Dilly! That'd would have been terrible Bob, just terrible!

No Cool Story said...

I am so glad you explain the joke on your next post, 'cause I'm all like ??
Off to read some more!