WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

SNOWBEAR!!!! (An haz enywun seen my boots???)

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no, they canseld the gayme cos ov ice on the grarss. I rekkon they jus wantid to bild SnowBears.
  • Simpsons: yes- I akchewly sor wun I haddent seen befor!
  • Tesco: no, but the fridge is lookin emptier than a dragon's braine, so I rekkon weel go tonite.
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: sespendid, to mayke mor time for Snow play.
  • Day Score: 7.89634/10


Ferst ov all, a few peepol cuddent see Dilly in the Crib so heer is a foto cunningly alterd to sutterly hylite whare Her Royal Snowtness is:

Nowun at Unkol Tony's howse spottid her, iver, preesewmably cos it's perfickly normal for a crocodragon in a pink silk dress to be seen in Bethlehem. I have to say, it was an exslent hideaway. Well dun, Dilly!

Now on to the SnowBear!!!!!!!!!!!

The snow waz kwite deep- Heer yu can see it comes up to my wayste, an I'm an 8inch Bear!!

It snowd Sunday and Munday an Daddy helpt us mayke the Bear- Sam an...er... Chuck wantid to joyne in, too...
Note our attire:
  • Chuck wantid a beanie hat, so Mummy mayde him wun from wun ov her soks!!!
  • Sam sed he dident mind the snow, an wassent cold cos he comes from Alaska- but cos MUMMY waz cold, she sed Sam had to put a jumper on. Mummy's do that. Jumpers ar wat yu ware wen yor Mummy is cold. Thare. Sed it.
  • An me- I CARNT FIND ME BOOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!! My luvly red welly boots hav disappeerd! Heer I am havin to ware my football boots. But they're not reelly mayde fer snow, so I cuddent stay owt long.
Note the SnowBear:
  • He haz rownd eers. This is an important thing to remember wen doin a SnowBear.
  • Sam took that uther pikcher. He likes my hat.
Daddy waz eetin the snow!!!
WAT the??????
Run away!!! Run away!!!!! Heez gon mad!!! Help!

Arfterwoods we had to put our clothes in frunt ov the fire to dry owt.
Heer, I'm doin me feet, Sam's doin his bottom an Chuck is jus doin a general barsk.

Grayum, hoo haddent joynd in owin to bein parst it, fownd sum likorish sukky sweets an brort them over for us. I think they may hav bin a Crismoss present to Daddy, but cleerly he duzzent want to eet them as it's Februery, so it's up to us agen! Chuck sed he haddent seen them befor. He thort they wer marbels.Dilly cayme over. She dident want a likkorish sweet cos she allreddy had a jelly crocodragon.The snow haz mostly gon heer now, but the laydy on telly sez that we mite get mor tomorro. Chuck sez that if it duzz, he wants to mayke a SnowWagon.

Weer gonna miss Chuck wen he goze bak to Wyoming. Heez not bad reelly. Wunce yu bild up yor immewnity heez ok. I think heez heddin home jus arfter Valentine's day. Dilly gets a bit coy an difencesiv if yu menshon it, but I rekkon Mummy's plannin sumthing for them. HA!

Bye fer now!


Lynda (Granny K) said...

I love your outfits, speshly your 'at, Bob.
Poor daddy havin to eat snow - wot he really needs is sossiges.
Your snow-bear is good. Did you make it out of your head?
The FC of Bears is sulking cos they NEVER GET TO PLAY IN ANY SNOW!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Pee Ess! Praps daddy ate your boots as well.

Anonymous said...

You made a SNOWBEAR? WOO-HOO! He is G to the R to the A N D. - GRAND!

Bob, I don't think Daddy will get sick. I see no yellow on that snow. (giggle)

Julie said...

What a great snowbear Bob! And you look nice and cosy in front of the fire.
Dilly did a good job of hydin in the crib. I couldn't see her in the snow either!

Stardust said...

Iz Dilly reelly there?

What a snowbear, and meni times yur size! I wish dat the sun never cums out.

We only have cold climate, no snow. See? Yur place iz better.

Stanley said...


You are one stylish bunch of snowbunnies! LOVE the snowbear, and YES, I think your daddy looks quite MAD! I'm glad you said it first, though, as it makes me look kind of mean to say it before you. (Are you sure he's okay in the head?)

Goob smooches to your daddy for helping with the snowbear and for his generous donation of the sucky licorice candy, and to your mama for making Sam wear a sweater.

Goober love & smooches,

Ms. Creek said...

gol darn, that's such a cute blog!

Joe Stains said...

Looks like a good day, but too cold for me. I live in the desert, and I think I would die no matter how many jumpers I had on!

lolly said...

Hi Bob! It's Chuck's sister, Lolly. I'm glad you are having such a great time with him...I can't believe you all made the snow bear by your selves! I'm sure it helped Chuck to not be home sick. Please give him some hugs for me as I'm sure you don't really want to KISS him! I know how dragon breath can be! Take care, make sure your paws stay warm while you are playing in the snow, and tell Chuck hello.



Sir Woodstock said...

Good to see you youngsters enjoying the snow!
Not so keen on it myself.
Woke to find we had 4" last night, am staying indoors.


CherryPie said...

That is a fantastic snowbear :-)

BumbleVee said...

make sure Daddy doesn't eat any yellow snow Bob... we always say that 'round here...

and, hey great snow bear....

also... you and Dilly...and chuck too.. should check this out..

Valentine contest

Alex L said...

I can't help but think that snow bear looks familiar...

A.Bananna said...

wow. that is the best snow bear. glad you and chuck had so much fun together!!

Debbie's Bears said...

Hiya Bob!

it's ben a long whiles since we posted to you! Mama has a ben busy a lot! Guestwat!? Mama gots a boyfriend! He said to being our not-a-bear papa! Wes danced a lot about that!

Looks wike you all had funs in the snow! We need winters clothes to do that.

Take care Bob!
Bear Hugs,
Zach, Scrappy and Carly

Shrinky said...

That snowbear is the bees-knees, so it is - and it's so BIG!!!

Chuck certainly seems to be having a wonderful holiday, have you any plans to go over for a visit with him anytime soon?

Your mummy is quite right y'know Bob, when a mummy's temperture gets low, it's a sign she needs to swaddle everyone up to make her feel warm again. Smile.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


I still havent fownd me boots but Daddy denys all nollidge!!!


Yes but bird poo is wite!


Dilly go owt in the snow. By the time she had dun all her bows up the snow had gon!


Hallo! Our playce issent better very offen, altho it is better wen yu want choklit cos our choklit is the best!!! Wa-heyy!!


Sam dident need it. SPeshly not as it comes all the way down to his ankles. But NOW he won't tayke it off!

Ms Creek,

Yes but don't ferget, I may be cewt but I am a BEar an I do ferroshus too.

Joe Stains,

Never mins jumpers, yu wud defintly hav to ware sum ear muffs!!!


I'm glad yu sed that cos thare is NO WAY I am kissin that dragon. Or eny uther dragon, for that matter. Bleagh.

Sir Woodstock,

Carnt say I blayme yu. Wivowt my welly boots (oh ware ar they?) it is mitey cold owt thare.


Ahh thank kew!



Alex L,

Watever do yu meen? LOL.

A Bananna,

I dident eevn kno that dragons wud be intrestid in Snow Bear bildin. I think Chuck just wants to get his snowt in everything he can befor he heds bak...

Debbie's Bears,

HALLO!!! I shall hav to pop by an chek him owt. I trust he is respektful ov Bears, this new fella? Did yu internew him?


No no no. I had wun trip across the Atlantic in a box, thank kew. I'm not doin that agen! Eevn if Mummy did pak sum Hobnobs in the box wiv me. HA!


Sandy Kessler said...

These fotoes are great !!especailly your snow outfit..If only you could transfer some to Australia!!