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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spyin is a full time okewpayshun (or shud be).

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: yes, we got a not-a-looz, wiv Shrewsbury.
  • Simpsons: no
  • Tesco: yes an I got to ride in the trolley :@}
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 10!!/10
  • Day Score: 8.136/10


Good Lor! It's bin a week! Want to kno wat I've bin doin, insted ov bloggin? Well I'll tell yer. I've bin mostly carfterin Mummy. AGEN.

THIS time she is dizzy.
She thort it wud go away but wen she startid fallin down I took her to the doctor.
I don't mind goin to the doctor's playse. They hav a big waytin room an in wun corner they hav lots ov pikcher books, mostly abowt Bears. I waz jus gettin into wun wen Mummy got calld in.

The doc sed that she haz sumthing calld Labrynthitis.
I like that nayme. It's clever. It meens goin rownd an rownd, wich is wat Mummy is doin. Or THINKS she is doin.
Akchewly, on the way bak, she told me that she waz ok an that it waz everywun ELSE hoo had sumthing rong wiv them.
WHAT the??? This is cos the werld reelly IZ spinnin, an she is just the ownly wun hoo iz akchewly notissin it.


So now she haz mor tablits to tayke...soon she will rattel as she walks along.

  • Chuck haz arrivd home in Wyoming.
  • Dilly haz com across a cuppol ov eggs, mayde a nest owt ov Mummy's scarf, an rekkons she is inkewbaytin. (Sigh.) (Oh well it keeps her okewpied.)
  • Gillingham had a win larst week an a dror yestday.(It wud hav bin anuther win but Mummy wor her lukky bloo pants on Friday and flatly refewsd to keep them on on Saterday wen they wer needid, even inside owt.)
  • An as for next dor.....
Just look wat happens wen yu stop spyin full time for a week!!!!This waz the vew from my bedroom.
Tayke a closer look...CHIKNS!!!!They'v got chikns!!!!

We want to noe wether they'er goin to eet them or jus hav them for eggs. So Iyve hatchd a cunnin plan (hatched! HATCHED! GEDDIT? Oh, I'm sutch a clever Bear wiv werds, I am...)

WELL! Daddy sumtimes teeches at the skool that nex dor's gerls go to, so he is goin to arsk them- BUT! Insted ov just arskin if they ar goin to eet thare chikns, (cos that mite upset them) (an the chikns), he is goin to arsk them wether they hav naymes for the chikns! Cos yu carnt eet sumthing yoov naymed, can yu???

Well, not if yor NORMOL yu carnt. I meen, Dilly naymes her bugs, an lines them up an gets them to darnse befor she eets them. But that's jus Dilly.

Bye fer now!


Anonymous said...

Hugs for your Mum, Bob.

Chickens! Easter is coming up... maybe those neighbors are friends with the Easter Bunny. Maybe they are building up a big supply of eggs to color. Think so?

Julie said...

Well done for carfterin Mummy, Bob. I know you enjoi it really. I hope those chikns don't cluck too much and keep you awayke.

Stardust said...

Dilly dus dat??

Ms. Creek said...

bob, my blog is off for a while, but i will still visit!

Carol Jean / Lovethemsteiff said...

[Post By Quirky The Bear] Hey-oh, Bob, Sounds like your Mum will be a-rattlin'-and'a-rollin' for a while. Hope she doesn't let it bother her too much. Watch out for those chickens...they may like to take a bite out of you if you get too close! Happy St. Patrick's Day this week. Bear Hugs, Quirky.

Chalkhills Collective said...

Hello Bobolink (sounded good, so that's your name for today!) - you could do some deep research to find out what one is!

Excellent to hear that you're looking after Mum. I've had that wibbly wobbly illness twice - it's not nice - like being on a boat for a week but without going anywhere! You take care of her now.



Lynda (Granny K) said...

I fink they are going to keep the hens for the eggs. Not eat the fluffy hens who would be a bit chewy by now.
Glad you are there to carfter Mummy. Hope she's better soon. xx

Joe Stains said...

omdog, CHICKENS! I sure do want some chickens, to eat, not name. I sure hope your Mom feels better soon!!!!

i beati said...

eggs eggs in time for Easter eggs egss !1Sandy

Alex L said...

Mummy doesn't see David Bowies as well does she, I hope she feels better soon anyway.

A.Bananna said...

I think they are getting ready for easter. I do not think they are going to eat them. Well,I hope they aren't.

Hope your mummy feels better.

CherryPie said...

Poor Mummy Labrynthitis is a very unpleasant and scary thing to have!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

HAHA! I got the naymes ov them! Wayte till yu reed the naymes ov them!! HAHAHA!

Draffin Bears said...

Love your chickens and must be great having fresh eggs.