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Friday, May 29, 2009

I Got Him!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: no
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 9/10
  • Day Score: 7.26498/10


I hid wun ov the plastik flys in the shugar an Daddy dident spot it. He had his Weetabix for brekfurst this mornin an got a shok!!! He waz harf way throo an a fly startid to float to the top ov the milk! HAHAHAHAH!!!

*** *** *** *** ***

Mummy is doin anuther get fit campayne an this meens she is eetin low-carb. All we hav in the kitchen is a bit ov sallad, ham, eggs an harf a buffallo. Not mutch else. The good side ov this is that she dident get to eet eny ov my berfday choccie!!! In fakt, I hav eeten so mutch choklit this week, my farts smell ov cocoa.

I was sittin on my own admirin this fakt yesterday wen Mummy sed, "Come on evrywun, let's go for a walk!" (this is anuther part ov her get fit campayne- walkin.) so we drove off to a playse calld Marks Hall, ware thare ar miles ov woods to walk throo, an fansy gardens to play in an a cuppol ov lakes to sit by an think deep Bear thorts.

Yu can reed abowt Marks Hall heer, on thare website.
This is me waring my entry stikker-

I took lots ov fotoes so I'm goin to sort sum owt an put them on heer nex time!

Bye fer now!


CherryPie said...

I thought for a minute then you had written Mummy is drinking champagne.

Buttons the Bear said...
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Buttons the Bear said...

Hey Bob,
Good job with the fly! You should get extra points for him not seeing the fly till it started floating.

Can't wait to see your photos from your nature walk.

By the way your color is looking especially good. Must be all the cocoa beans in that chocolate is beneficial to your fur.

see ya,

(well I won't really see ya in bearson, but you get the jist.)

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Rock on, Bob! Gud luck wiv the walkin'. Have a good weekend, lots of sunshine predicted. Hooray!

Rosey Pollen said...

I am jealous of your granny's water in Ireland.
Chocolate farts? too good to be true!!!! I think the birthday choc. got to your brains, and you just think they smell like choc.
Are you related to Mr. Beans' Teddy?
Have a great weekend.

San said...

Wow, your Mummy is really dedicated in her fitness campaign. Low carbs is a tough regimen, especially low/no choklit. The walking in the fansy gardens sounds so nice though.

Stardust said...

I LUUUUVVVV de greenery dere! Soooo greeeeeen. I can walk all day! =D

Dat stiker luks gud on yu! It probably luks gud on me too? =P

Wow...Mommy is goin to luk fabulous very soon.

Asta said...

I'm glad you got all leagal wif that entwy stickew, and that you had a lovely walk in the woods. I wish youw Mum good luck wif hew campaigne..Mommi keeps thweatening to do the same, but luckily fow me, she's still eating hew toast in the mowning and shawing
smoochie kisses

A.Bananna said...

Hey bob! Glad to see that you had a great birthday!! Have a great time walking! Can't wait to see the pics!!

Almita y perruchin said...

happy Berfday bob, a bit late, but was kind of bussy hope you have a great week....... keep puting the flys on the food...

i beati said...

you don't look a day over 1 and the sticker - extreme coolness!!

Stardust said...

Where's the Bear?

I miss Bob...

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Hehehe I bet she wud like to!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Yeah yu need to eet choklit to stay brown, defnitly. It duzz werk, yu kno. An if yu need to keep yer dark eyes, hav sum dark choklit sumtimes, too. :@D

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


We had kwite a kik-bak-an-relax sort ov weekend, but it waz nice!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


No I'm not relaytid but thare is a Bear at Granny's hoo is Mr Bean's Bear's cuzzin. I'll get a foto ov him nex time weer thare for yu! :@}

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


she duzz hav SUM choklit, for mergensys, an it is very dark, like 70% cocoa so it issent too nice, she sez, she haz a bit to stop wantin sum, but then it issent nice enuff to want ALL ov it.

Famayle logic, I gess. :@}

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Mummy sez she thinks she looks fat and she sez she wants smaller boobies but I hope they don't go too small cos they ar a nice cuddling patch speshly for wen it thunders an I need to burro sumwhare safe.

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


yu ar lukky. Mummy hassent eeten bred for yeers. Not eevn soda bred wiv hunny! So we don't get toast in the mornin. Daddy haz Weetabox. Wen we go away they giv us toast an Daddy haz sum then an I nik sum. I luv the smell ov toast. I miss it!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

A BAnnana I am werkin on the pikchers but it is hard to get on the pewter laytely! :@O

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Perruchin! Hullo! I hav cort them BOTH owt wiv the flys! It's so funny!!! :@D

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

i beati,

hehehehheee!!!!!! YU mayke me blush! HEHE!


B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Oh, sorry! I hav bin bizzy carfterin Mummy agen!

Sendin big nose hugs to yu!