WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Alpacas an drorabol caykes.

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: No
  • Simpsons:yes; Bart got a restraining order to keep him away from Lisa. Servs him rite! Leev Lisa alone!
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 8 /10
  • Overall Score: 7ish/10

Oh boy! I missed my blog's 3rd anniversary! It waz on September 28th! Ha! Here is a link to my very ferst post if yu want to hav a luk! It haz my gradewayshun foto on it. Ahhhh. Those wer the days. Hehe!

*** *** *** *** ***
We had a nice time at Granny's for a few days!
We took her to an Open Day at an Alpaca Farm!
Eevn tho it's ment to be Ortum, it was hot hot hot! Speshly if yor cuverd in ferr. The pacas wer all shayved so they wer ok. We like alpacas. They had lots thare.... get reddy for lots of paca fotoes!I like the way this wun is havin a lie down!
Slurp slurp slurp...
Abowt to play "Paca, not-a-paca!"-
This wun is defnitly larffin-
Hullo Mummy! (We tryd to get a pic ov Granny but she wuddent keep still!)Wen they shayved them they dident shayve thare tails an thare bottoms look reellybig now, I think!
"Wy hullo thare!"The bit left on top ov thare heds is calld a "top-knot" but the man sed that in Merryka they call it a "bonnet". Oh boy. Dilly went on an on abowt that wun. Sheez mor bonnet-obsesst than a Jane Austen convenshun.
They wer selling theez masheens to peepol hoo keep alpacas. It suks up all the poo. It's a Poover! Hahahaha!!! A Poover, geddit?? HAHAHAH!!!!They had stuff for sale mayde from wool an felt. I bort Granny sum soks mayde from alpaca-wool, cos her feet hurt wen they get cold an alpaca wool is very warm. I told her to put her new soks in her top drorr so that she will find them wen it gets cold. Better still, I sed, put them in yor pant dror, cos then yu will notiss them evry mornin, cos hoo wuddent notiss sumthin fluffy in yor pants? -An then, yu see, yu will remember them wen it gets cold. I'm a very helpful Bear.

*** *** *** *** ***

Bak at Granny's we had a grayte cayke. It's calld "Battenburg Cayke". I don't kno wy it's calld that. It has diffrent cullerd sponge skwares stuk together wiv apricot jam, then sum almondy marzepan rapt all rownd it.Daddy sed that at the end ov skool term he arkst the children in his clarss wat cayke they wud like to hav as a speshol treet on thare larst day. Wun littol boy put his hand up an sed, "I don't kno wat my fayvrit cayke is calld but I can dror it!" an he drew this wun, an evrywun knew wat he ment!!!

Wat's yor fayvrit cayke? (I kwite like carrot cayke.)

Bye fer now!


Textile Art Showcase said...

The Alpacas are lovely Bob. I went to see some Alpacas when I was on my holiday - I think they are great animals. I like Battenburg too - reminds of my childhood!

CherryPie said...

I saw some of those when I was on my hols recently, I thought they were Llamas :-O Ooops! There was also a camel and when I told my Mum she asked if i had been drinking!!!

Buttons the Bear said...

Looks like you certainly enjoyed seeing the Alpacas, thanks for sharing. Hee Hee, they still look all cuddly even with their wool shorn. You are too funny, a poover!

The cake looks pretty and yummy too. Did you see baby bears bearthday cake in the cartoon on my blog today?


Benny and Lily said...

Wow those are big hairy doggies!
Benny & Lily

Feronia said...

Are you sure the Alpacas weren't playing Paca-man, Bob?! Hee-hee. I love Battenburg cake too, but my favourite is Black Forest cake...yum!

Happy Anniversary too! You're the best bear on the Net!!

Marlowe said...

I like farm animals! I've never met an alpaca though.

I think your cake looks especially yummy!

Ms. Creek said...

do they have an english accent, too?

Mack and Sally Ann said...

Mommy said she likes Black forest cake, but we can't have any because it has chocolate.
Sally Ann

Asta said...


what a gweat outing..I love the look of those pacas..I especially love theiw top knotses and floofy tails..they sowt of look a little bit like lambies(I like those too) I guess I like anything cute and fuzzy.
It's getting cold hewe..pawfect cayke and tea weathew. My favowite, hmmm.I do like the look of battenbuwgew cayke(looove mawcipan),but I think a hazelnut cyke wif some choklit fwosting is my favowite(I know doggies awen't sposed to have choklit, but I still love it)

You'we a vewy helpful beaw to get those wawm socks fow youw Gwamma and tell hew whewe she can find them easily
smoochie kisses

Poopsie aka Blue said...

Hi there Bob!

3 years blogging thats quite something - Congrats!

Would have loved to have joined you on the visit to the Alpaca Farm - always think they look such fun.

As a marzinpan hater will give the Battenburg Cake a miss but one of my favourite cakes is Carrot too - use to make a mean one to sell, the students gobbled it up.

Love & hugs

Woodstock says any cakes good with him.

pughy said...

Hi Bob, I came to visit cause Sir Woodstock said you were nice.. I think you are and love the alpaca's with their hair cut.. Mum knits and loves alpaca wool.. Hugs GJ xx

Joe Stains said...

My favorite cake is definitely short cakes with strawberries, yum. Those alpacas are funny looking dudes.

Michael House said...

yum, yum, mi uprite vannesser luvs marzeepan. we nede a poover for the doggs. thay ar so messee. i wont a paccker to liv with me, thay luk funni, thay mayk nise littorl singing sownds, thay cud sing me a lullabi, betta than the snoring i hav to put up with. luv Ted the kat

the lady loves bears said...

Hi Bob

Nice to meet ya I lik ur blog 2

i beati said...

great pictures I love them alpacas, and yummy cakes. i ate a lot of ice cream for you hahah

chicamom85 said...

Bob, Mommy and I had a good laugh about the "poover" that was a good one. The paca's look very nice, but the tails are kind of funny being so floofy. I like the looks of that cake. My big Sis just had a birthday and Mommy made a cherry cake with chocolate frosting, it was yummy. So right now that is my favorite.

licks and sniffs, Sasha

BumbleVee said...

carrot cake is my fav....in fact, if you haven't tried ours...check out my Tea and Scones blog for the recipe. It is VERY yumm!....

hahaharrrr....a Poover.... that's great....!! after it's all collected in the container... who does what with it then> ...peeuuwww ... what a job....

Stardust said...

AAAAAHHHH!!!! How culd I miss de 3rd anniversary ov de friendliest bear I noe? Happy belated anniversary, Bob, and promis dat yu'll be heer fer us all forever.

Glad yu guys had fun, we're having doldrums heer. Thanks fer showing everything. Ahhh... I love black forest caykes most, and I'm craving fer wun now. Bleh.

Julie said...

I've never seen so many alpacas, they are so sweet and funny too!

Battenburg is my favourite cayke. How did you know? You're such a clever bear Bob.

Happy anniversary Bob. :o)

Nomad said...

this cracks me up... why is this not a book?