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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Piratey Day 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jerry an Ben be arskin for a Pirate Theem WEEK, an not just a day, arrrrr, so heer be anuther piratey post. I be needin to updayte ye all wiv cakeyness an walkin the plank arrrrnyway, so it be just fine! Arrr!

Ferst heer be a speshol pikcher ov me ol' matey Asta, hoo be no scurvy dog! Wat a fine booty ov a cur she be! Arr!

Wat a fine pirate wench she maykes!!!! Thanking ye for the fotoes, Asta!!!

Beanie be sending me sum reel treszure! He be a'visiting the Mary Rose, that grayte Tchewdor ship, in Portsmouth. He be finding me sum akchual coynes from time past. It be all silvery an ruff rownd the edges, bein all spesholly for pirates an al'. It be a grayte treszure an very good o' Beanie to send it, but it be mine now, AAARRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks, Beanie!!!

Me crew an I be pillidging the galley, an bringing bak Bakewell Tarts, eech wiv a cherry eye-patch, arrr!

Walk the plank!!!!
Sum ov me crew not be swabbing decks hard enuff, so I be havin 'em walk the plank!
Ferst up be Zed, he be keen.
Zed not be in the britest cabin, an be wondring wat to be doin wen he
reech the end ov the plank!Arr! Jump off, ye scurvy grape!

Arr! Zed be landing in the biskit barrel!

Now uther crew Bears be wanting to walk the plank too!
BHS Bear-

....an LBBBJ....I be cowntin 3 pirate Bears in the biskits! Thare not be being menny biskits soon!

Now................... ware be Dilly-Frilly-Knickers???? Arrr! Grayum Farting-Cutlass be a'finding 'er! Get down the plank, ye wench!

Blither me eye! She be tayking off!

I be fergettin the wench can fly!
Blast yer eyes! I be foiled!

By the way, do ye be having time for yesterday's quiz? I be sailing bak on the morro wiv thee arnser for ye! Arrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Julie said...

Go Dilly go!!! ♥

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

We be telling her that, Julie, but she be not going! Arr!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Avast ye scurvy varmints! I'm liking them Bakewells! Good for Dilly purple pants, flyin' away like that! Har! har!

Ginger Jasper said...

what a fun pirate post. Thanks for visiting and of coursee you can use my pictures.I will be honoured.. Hugs GJ xx

Sullivan McPig said...

It looks like fun!
There weren't any biscuits in the jar left were there? I don't like biscuits getting squashed.

Daisy said...

Oh noes, not Dilly! Be careful up there, Dilly!

Jerry and Ben said...

Avast me harty mattees, tis a true sign of your piraty intentions to make them land lubbers walk the plank, arggh! Be yea advised that we too shall have pirate photos up soon, argh!

Benny and Lily said...

whhoooaaa! Dilly
Benny & Lily

i beati said...

I never knew pirates got cakes!!!!

Di said...

Oh dear, almost in tears of laughter here - sorry Bob! What fun and high jinks matey. Humph though, I've been playing with your quiz since yesterday but no luck. I can see that somehow you have to do a double change of letters but it still ain't helping me. Now, where did I put me Thinking Head?

I'm off to sign the hedgie petition now!

Big hugs, Di xx

Maggie May said...

Good to see you again little bear, dressed up as a pirate! Sounds fun.
Maggie X

Nuts in May

Ryan Lorenc-Haluska said...

We Laughed and Laughed at your Story. Thanks!

Buttons the Bear said...

Shiver me timbears nice pieces of eight, arrrgh!

Feronia said...

Looks like ye be having a top piratey day there, young fella me lad. I be seconding Julie - go Dilly go!

Asta said...

Shivew me timbews, I wouldn't have minded walkin' that thewe plank what wif landing in a bikkie bawwel, hehehe
lucky beaws..I think dilly foiled hewself wif flyin' off and not getting those biscuits
I love the cookies wif the eye patches don't mind if i have a taste?
smoochie kisses

Stardust said...

Kids, I'm so sorri fer droppin by dis layte, beeen so busy dat I dunt noe wat day it is!!

En I MUST thank yu fer this hilarious play an cheering up my day!

Bob, yur cusen at my playce is adjustin very well tho he hides himself in the blanket whenever sashimi ( raw fish ) is offered. I guess it takes time fer every non-Japanese to get used to the food.

He's one wary bear and must mayke such a gud spy. I think he's breaking wall soon en revealin his nayme one of these days. Or maybe yu can telepath him dat it's time to do so.

Bear hugs...