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Saturday, April 14, 2012

An Eestery catch up on stuff- PART 1!!!

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: No
  • Simpsons: No, but I did see the Ricky Gervaise show, the cartoon wun, an that Pilkington fella is well funny!!!!
  • Tesco: No (but we went today)
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 9 but it shudda been a 10 /10
  • Overall Score: 7.5/10

Gosh I've had to hide kwite a bit. But I can happily report that the crusty bit on the bak ov me hed is intakt. In fakt it's probly alive an well. Jhee jhee jhee!

Also, last Saterday, I went to London an met up wiv Beanie agen! We awl went to the Tower Of London an I hav lots ov fotoes for yu. Lukkily, Blogger hassent buggerd abowt wiv updated my editing page so I shud be abol to post them! Let's try!

Mummy, Dilly an me got a train to London. Andrea met us thare. We took a London red bus....

That's Andrea, an me an Tango on the bus...
Tango an me soon fownd a better way to ride..

Our ferst view of ware we were goin- The Tower of London!!
An oh yeah, Dilly wor her pointy hat.


This was a ghost. Hav a look at his face. He duzzent hav wun!

We waytid in line for tikkits for ages. Then we realised we wer waytin in the rong bit! Andrea ran off to investigate an cayme bak wiv the tikkits! So we wer abol to skip abowt 10 peepol, enyway. This lady in front ov me was from Abearikka. Her famly had lots ov maps an kept lookin at them.

On the way in... we spotted theez lions!
Wen we got close we sor they wer mayde of wire! How clever

Heer we go!

Wen they sed 'Tower Of London' I thort it wud just be wun tower. But that's just the nayme of the whole carsol. Thare are lots of diffrent towers inside, an also houses an shops an paths.

This is on the uther side ov ware we cayme in!
L - R: Beanie, George, Tango, Me, Dilly's hat

Ahem! Just call me 'chief'!

Heer's ware sum of the gards liv. Kwik! That wun's getting away!

This is 'Traitors' Gate'. In the olden days they yewst to bring in important prisoners by the river, an they wud get into the carsol heer.
They did this so that the prisoner's fans cuddent rescue them- if they'd brort them along the road, peepol mite hav tryde to get them!
Kween Lizbeth Ferst cayme in thru heer wen her big sister had a bad mood on wiv her wunce

Thare's the Bloody Tower!!!!
It got this nayme cos so menny prisoners wer kept heer an then had theyer heds chopt off. Bleagh!
Me an Dilly wer the ownly wuns brave nuff to go in hehehe

Inside thare was old grafitti from prisoners... In the upper room they showd how it was wen
Sir Walter Rayleigh was kept thare in 1602:
The flor was all Tchewdor tiles, wich Mummy fownd intrestin, for sum reeson(???)

Owtside, next we sor the White Tower.
This is the oldest bit of the carsol, from the 11th sentry, an was bilt by an invading Frenchie calld Willyum The Conkerring Bastard.
It's calld the White Tower cos he painted it wite to make it look mor scary.
Snot so wite now tho.

It was Henry 8th hoo put the curly hats on top ov the corners!

Tryd to get Dilly intrestid in this bit but she kept gettin distraktid by sumthing.......
Ah! The ravens! Yes. Mummy fed this wun from her hand. His beak was so long he cuddent kwite focus on wat was crunchy hazelnut bar and wat was finger. Mummy sed it was ok, she had had worse from a skwirrel!!

Mor homes next.... see the wuns wiv bloo dors?
Well, if yu noe Tchewdor histry, yu mite remember Lady Jane Grey.
Well wen she was a prisoner they put her in wun ov theez houses wiv the gards.
It was number 8, wun ov the wuns wiv a bloo dor.

This rownd glassy memorial marks ware they yewst to cut off peepols heds. This is ware Anne Bollyn an Lady Jane Grey wer behedded, amung uthers.
It's gory, issent it?
The bit in the middle is a crystal pillow.

Oh look! Beanie fownd anuther ov those wire animols!
(hehe....look at those ears! hehehe no wonder Beanie liket this wun!!)

I notist lots of this curly stuff stuff on the walls...
This cannon was enormuss an had a very strange dog statew on it.

He lookt like a goat wiv a mustashe.

I think this is ware they keep the Crown Jewels. We dident go in cos the kew was so long!

Well thare ar so menny pikchers I'm goin to leev it thare an then do anuther post wiv the rest!!! Next time I shall show yu a very rood soote of armer an a few horses. I sat on wun of their neez.



i beati said...

Tremendous trip thank Mummy for taking me !!

Found art blog said...

Oh wow!! You've got some super photos there!!! Thanks for showing them - they're fab!!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

What a grand day out you all had! Lovely photos. xxxx

Asta said...

what a wondewful twip thwoo histowy..i lewnt so vewy much, but I'm not suwe I would have been as bwave as you and DIlly going into that bloody towew, and gulp the beheading place..cewtainly is gowy, but I did love youw fun on the bus bit
so lovely to have so many good fwiends to shawe a twip wif
smoochie kisses

Jerry and Ben said...

Brill photos Bob! Dilly is wearing the perfect outfit for a visit to a castle! We love the photo of Dilly with Beanie!

chicamom85 said...

Bob T, that was so much fun. I have always wanted to visit a castle. Thank you for showing me one, I feel like I am there with you. I think Dilly's hat is sort of perfect for this trip and if I went with you, I want to hang from the ceiling bars on the bus. I am glad that none of you lost your heads and that everyone is safe now. I can't wait for more pictures. Its like seeing a movie and waiting for the sequel, please don't make me wait too long.

Loveys Sasha(onerary bear)

p.s thanks for the Friday the 13th advice,next time I will find my inner bear. Mommy is crazy for Ricky Gervais and also for Family Guy and The Simpsons. We have stuff in common my pal.

CherryPie said...

The Tower of London is a great place to visit and it looks like you had a lot of fun :-)

Blue said...

After seeing you traveling on the Underground Tube hangers, and @ the Towers of London, meeting the ravens & viewing Traitors Gate, Woodstock now wants adventures like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He wants to know why I'm not brave enough to take him out :(

Feronia said...

Looks like a great day was had there, Bob. I remember going to the Tower of London when we were in London 12 years ago...there was a big queue then too! Did you go on a tour with one of the beefeaters?

Buttons the Bear said...

Looks like you had a very interesting day. Thanks for sharing. You and princess Dilly were very brave indeed.