WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Monday, April 16, 2012

Eestery catch up - PART 2!!!

Weekend's scores:
  • Gills: yes we playd Oxford an got a not-a-looz
  • Simpsons: No, but sor Famly Guy an American Dad.
  • Tesco: Yes
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: Daddy tryd to get me an insists he got a 10, but I told him it dident cownt cos he dident so mutch get my nose as grab me whole hed. /10
  • Overall Score: 8.100009 (slightly inflated by ginger cake) /10

OK now I can bring yu the rest of the fotoes from my Eester weekend wiv Beanie!

Thare wer lots ov historikol peepol thare. This is Charles II. Issent he tall?
That's Andrea, an me an Tango.
I wantid to ask him wat he kept in his hat
(bagels?) but I dident get a chance.

This issent a historikol person this is a beefeater.
He is wun ov the gards at the tower.
No wun noes wy they ar calld beefeaters but it mite be cos Henry 8th gave them meat to eat to keep them big an strong.
They arnt all big an strong nowadays an wun ov them is a laydy.
Heer Andrea is holding me an Tango cos the grumpy beefeater dident want his foto tayken wiv eny bears, he sed. He oviossly just didn't now hoo he was meeting.

Heer ar mor historikol types.

Dilly an George liket meeting this Stuart laydy.

Oh look! Anuther wun ov those wire animols! The best by far, in my opinion!

We went inside that big 'White Tower'.
We sor this enormuss sord.
Look how big it is compared to that littol gerl!

This a soote ov Armor mayde for Henry 8th. Oh my! Look at the codpeece! HAHAHAHA! No WAY was his willy THAT big! No WAY! HAHAHAHA!!
HAHAHA! Oh my beads! HAHAHA!

Thare wer lots ov horses showing how diffrent kings' horses wor diffrent things., or wer diffrent breeds, an diffrent sizes.

This wun was all alone an he let me sit on his nee.

Next! We went to the dining hall an had HEWGE fish an chips an mushy peas!!!

Andrea, Tango, George an Beanie gave us this box
of SIX Kinder Surprise Eggs! How fantastik!!

Next we went bak owtside for a bit mor investigating.
This is the Beauchamp Tower, but they pronounce it 'Beecham'.
(I think that's daft.)

Inside thare is a LOT of graffitti from old prisoners.

Wun bit ov graffitti is very faymuss.
It sez 'JANE' and meens Laydy Jane Grey,
hoo was kween for 9 days. Then Kween Mary sed 'Oi, I'm Kween, not yu' an put her in the tower.
After a few munths peepol told her that she shud chop her hed off. So she did.

Heer is sum mor ov the graffitti inside this tower. Not all of it, just a bit.

They must hav been prisoners a long time
to scratch things into the stones this deeply, mussent they?

This was the duke ov Arundell. Or he may hav been an earl, I can't remember...

This waz the vew from the window:

Wen we cayme owt I sor that cheeky raven agen!
Then he started showing off to the gardsman that
he w
as allowd to walk abowt an the gardsman wassent!
Then Mummy wantid a kwik look in this church.
It's ware Ann Boleyn and Laydy Jane Grey
an St Thomas More an enywun else hoo had thare heds chopt off wer berreed.

Time to leev!
Good vews ov Tower Bridge on the way!

Bak on the bus!!!

Neer the train stayshun, we went into Nero's ware
Andrea treetid us to tea an cake.
She has Rocky Road, an Mummy had Carrot Cayke.
Tango, George, Beanie, Dilly an me just took sum nibbles of eech.
I hav a soft spot for carrot cake, but must admit, that
Rocky Road thing was yumtastik!!!!

Finally, wen we sed goodbye, I gayve my Sun Bear badge to Tango.
I hav had it for yeers- Pytheas gave it to me. I hope he won't mind.
I miss it, but I noe Tango collekts badges, an this was a
speshol wun.
He put it strayte on his scarf:

That's all my fotoes! I hope yu enjoyd them.
Andrea sed we will meetup agen on Beanie's berfday in October, but I hope we can meet up sooner than that. It's allways fun!


BumbleVee said...

Wow.... you saw a lot of great "stuff" Bob... and, I
m with you....his willy wan't that big! ahhahah....trust you .......but what fun to come over for a laff....

Jerry and Ben said...

Awesome pics Bob! Fish and chips, mushy peas, and carrot cake all in one day!! We're so jealous! That Beefeater was not very nice since he didn't want to hold you and Tango, maybe he needs to eat more fish, maybe a Fisheater would be nicer. In any case we know that a Honeyeater would always be nice! Hehe.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Your Easter was obviously spectacular
Benny & Lily

Found art blog said...

Tango says he loves the Bear Badge and it's his favourite!!! He wants to get you something special now...
We'll have to think about what to do next time we all meet up, though!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Wow! What a special day for you all! Glad you enjoyed it. The pics are very good. (apart from the mizrable ole beefburger man - bein' standoffish an orl).

Found art blog said...

Oh, and I hope the surprises in the Kinder eggs were good ones!! Maybe you could post those too, one day?
And do you like art expeditions?

Julie said...

Ooh you had a very bizzy time. It's fun going owt wiv frends izn't it? I would have come just for the cayke ;-) I love the grafeetee!

Feronia said...

What a great day! You've made me want to come and visit England again, Bob!!