WARNING: This blog is ritten in Bear English, wich is phonetic. An that is mor than yu can say abowt the werd "phonetic".

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

My Gardnin entry


Jerry an Ben ar hostin the Olympic Gardnin Event.
Heer's my entry:
As yu may hav gest, I am gardnin in the dark heer. This is becos I am gardin the marigolds from slugs.
Yu can see wun in this pikcher:

We hav had an invayszun ov slugs. SPANISH wuns. They aren't like the British wuns (small, pale an slimy) they ar dry looking an HEWGE an brown an hav ridges along the sides. We get LOADS. It's like WAR owt thare, wiv the Spanish slugs arfter me French marigolds. As yewsual, the French hav sumwun to fite for them, ME! HAHAHAHAHAHA Mummy just told me to deleet that bit but I won't. Jus don't let Henry reed it.

Mummy an Daddy collektid 73 in a bukket wun nite an took them for a walk throo a littol woody lane, ware they thort the slugs mite like to stay. A few nites layter, Mummy fownd lots mor still in the garden so she invented the sport of Slug Hurling. (Thare is a partikewlar nayber rownd heer hoom we call The Pillok, an she was kind enuff to share the slugs wiv him, via a short sharp flite off the end ov a trowel.)

Anyway, it's SYNCHRONISED SITTING TOMORROW!!!! DOn't ferget to email me yor pic or put it on yor blog!!!!


Bob T Bear (esq)


Sally Ann and Andy said...

Hi Bob,
Your a brave gardening bear. All my bears are kinda afraid of the dark. Charlie and Taddy would like to enter the sitting contest. The posted on my blog tonight. They hope it's not to late, as they lots of pratice sitting.
Welsh kisses,
Sally Ann

chicamom85 said...

Bob T, please do be careful that those slugs don't carry you off somewhere. They are huge and before you know it, you could be surrounded by them. The horror of it, all those BEADY BUGGY eyes staring at you and all that slime. Bob, get away from there NOW! You are going to be slug bait, they will use to lure bigger slugs and then they will SLIME you. I can't sleep thinking of you out there. Please go inside.

Loveys Sasha(onerary bear)

p.s. I am worried about you now. What if slugs eat bears?? Did you think of that??

Alexander Mackenzie Bear said...

Yes... in Canada, we used to have just little grey slugs. But now... we have what we call banana slugs - they are big and fat with ridges and they can be yellow or black or splotchy yellow and black. Maybe they parachuted them in from Spain?

Oh yes... voting for Gardening - 7!

Lynda (Granny K) said...

Slug Hurling could be a new Olympic Event Bob!

Buttons the Bear said...

It's certainly going to be hard to compete with a night gardener.

Sure hope your mum doesn't get caught adding to the neighbors slug population. At least not before slug hurling becomes an olympix sport.

Beedeebabee said...

Oh, I have a neighbor I'd like to share some of our slugs with too! What a perfect thought! :oD

Feronia said...

And it's *gold* for Bob T. Bear and Britain in the slug hurling!! :)

Found art blog said...

Oh well done Bob!!! Beanie vote's an EIGHT for you..... and I agree, slug hurling should be an Olympic sport!!!! Bet you'd be brilliant at that, too!!

The Teddy Bear Family said...

As dictated by our chief Garden Gal, Valentine -
I was unaware European slugs escaped to Abearica. Back in Mommy and Daddy's last home over in Jerzy, they had the Spanish slugs (although they thought they were Jerzy slugs.) Here we have English slugs.

Slugs know a good garden when they find one. Before we took over Mommy's poor attempts at gardening, we had no slugs. No garden, so what could they eat? Now we're rated as the best summer vacation (holiday) spot in the neighborhood by Slug Travel Agencies, but there are dangers in our garden. Slugs are ooey gooey, so I have the Garden Guys get out the trusty salt and ooey gooey them into tiny snot bubbles.

BUT, since you garden in the ground and salt is bad for soil, surround your garden with copper strips. All metal gives off small amounts of electricity, and slugs can't pass copper because it gives them a jolt they don't like. Problem solved with no lantern needed.

(Valentine then mumbles something about guy bears left in the garden without superior gal advice givers, but Mommy, the one who types these things, is unwilling to pass on the prejudice of superior-than-thou chief Garden Gal remarks.)

Your Aberican Gardening Expert Friend,
Valentine T. Bear

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Don't worry, Sasha!! I am fine, reelly!!! We don't moov the slugs till I hav poked them wiv a stik! This maykes them go all small. Then they can't get me!!! Teeheee!

Bear hugs!!