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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hey! Whare's summer gone?

Yesterday's scores:
  • Gills: resting
  • Simpsons: yes
  • Tesco: no
  • Nose Hugs Surprizisity Score: 9.5/10
  • Day Score: 6.376132055/10


Been tryin to get on heer all weekend!
Daddy haz been playin a gayme on the compewter for hours an hours, roodly interruptid okayshunly by Mummy sayin things like, "Come on let's go to that Garden Senter that's clozing down an get sum cheep plarnts an stuff" wich issent eevn a reel shop, an defnitly not Tesco's, whare I cud at leest ride in a trolley. An sheez got hardly eny room in the garden for mor plarnts. Never mind. We still went.

Weev had to stor all the plarnts indors coz it's been raynin hard an the wind haz been blowin reelly reelly madly an noyzily, an I don't meen Grayum's farty-bottom. Well not JUST that. We reelly did get a big gale the larst few days. It's mad. It had been hot hot hot an now it's all wintry agen. Enyway, wiv all the new plarnts indors, it's like bein owtside inside an we Bears like that cos it meens we hav an indor toylet. That new tree peony haz been well fertilized, an the flowers on that bottle-brush bush arnt as harsh as they look- in fakt, they ar as soft as a feather on the bare Bear bot! Wa-heyy!


Remember that race that Mummy an Dilly did 2 week ago, to raize munny for Cancer Research? Well Daddy dident get eny fotoes ov them akchewly runnin (wich waz ov grayte dissapoyntment to me cos let's fayce it, gerls do run funny! Hehehehe!) BUT I fownd sum pikchers on a website ov them! This compenny duzz finish-fotoes for peepol taykin part. They ar kwite expensiv so I dident buy eny, but I nikt theez wuns (hehehe!). So heer we ar, proof that they akchewly ran!

Dilly is cheetin a bit, if yu arsk me, as she rode in a belt-pokkit for at leest sum ov the way! Can yu see her? I've markt her wiv a yello ring in this next pikcher. (Her snowt in unmissabol! HAHAHA!)

The total waz in today, an they raized just over £200, wich is sumthing like US$400.

That bag Mummy's carryin contaynes a bottol ov warter, a warter spray, tishooes (I gayve her self-ishooin rites as the rayce waz gerls-ownly so I cuddent go along) sum mussol-rub an sum payne killers. She haz arthur-eye-tis wich is wy she took theez along wiv her! Her bak haz been bad since, so me an Sam hav been runnin up an down it. Bears ar kwite good at massardge, yu kno. It's the combinayshun ov furry feet an good darnse moovs.

Bye fer now!


BumbleVee said...

Our summer disappeared over the weekend as well Bob. Today it was raining cats and dogs...and it was only +7C ...brrrrrr...... down to only +3C tonight... it could snow if it goes lower!

Wednesday is supposed to be back up to about +16C...I'll believe it when I see it.

yaaaaaay Mummy.... she does not run funny either..... and carrying stuff and running on grass... please say she didn't have to run far on the grass.....

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


Yeah, they ran 3.1 miles (5km, they calld it but Mummy sez she likes it in old munny. HEHEHEH!)

But they dident hav to run all the way, they cud run or jog or walk. Mummy did a bit of eech. She ran in the shayde an towards the finishin line. It waz hot hot hot that day!

I hope it duzz get sunny an warm today agen.


Stardust said...

Gee, de weather sounds incredible!! Oh but I noe dat yur clothes ar goin to kip yu warm. =)

Mummy sure can RUN! She RAN, didn't she, and fer a good corse!! =) Sorri, hunny, Dilly's too small fer me to find her out, but aren't yu overwhelmed dat mummy and Dilly are on page? They've becumed STARRRs...

Alex L said...

Godd on your Mum getting out there and raising some money. But your right Bob they do run funny, not like us men/bears.

CherryPie said...

Yes I want the summer back too! As soon as the weekend came along it started with gales and rain! Not good.

Nice photo's of Mummy running :-)

Phytheas said...

Hello Bob. I've just looked around for summer and it isn't hiding here. I think we'd better send out a search party.


Becky said...

Hi Bob- we're still looking for Spring (much less Summer!!) here in Idaho. We had rain over the weekend, too - but luckily we were able to get our plants in the ground before the storms moved in. We were camping, but didn't see any bears at all - just a few deer and some cougar tracks (very exciting!!)

A.Bananna said...

we have had WONDERFUL weather here!! Usually we are in the 100F by now. All weekend we had our windows open and today also! it is SO nice out! I am enjoying it while I can! =^) anyways, hope you find summer soon!!

i beati said...

Mummy is wonderful I have cancer and she was running for me and thousands of others. what is a tree peony? loved your comments sandy /peonies, lilacs, hyacinths don't grow in Florida Everyone thinks I have too many plants hee hee

Julie said...

We had sunshine for our weekend away in Northumbaland but it's rayned today in Linkonsheer.

Well done to Mummy for rayzin over £200, with Dilly to help her too. Yay for the gurls! Oops sorry Bob. You're a grate bear too coz you gave her self-ishooing rights and now your helping with the massarge. Hope Mummy's back feels better soon.

No Cool Story said...

YAY for your Mummy! That's so awesome.
We girls do run funny, I don't know why and one should not question facts.

Ms. Creek said...

your mum did good and i guess dilly did sorta cheat, but at least she went!

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...


WAT? Yu cuddent spot Dilly's enormuss snowt??? But it carst it's own shadow! HEHEHEHE!!!




Ah, yor allways on my wayvelenff, yu ar. They do indeed run funny. Hehe!



It mus be confewsin for all the bayby berds that ar arownd. They've never been this wet befor. Well, not since they got owt ov the eggs.



If yu find it, send it this way, ok? Thanks buddy! :@}



the Bears wer behind yu!



100f???? Oooo too hot for peepol wiv ferrr!



Mummy is yewsin the wet weather time to werk owt where she is goin to plarnt all the new plarnts cos thare arnt menny playses left!!!
Sorry yu hav cancer. Mummy had a tewmer but it waz benine, so she feels very lukky. This is partly wy she did the race.

Nose hugs!



I do hed massardges too!
Glad yu had good wether wen yu wer away. WIsh yu had brort sum bak!



YUP! Hilarioss, arm wayvin, foot flollopin runnin! HAHAH! :@D


Ms Creek,

I wud hav gon! I wud hav! But it waz fer gerls ownly! :@}


Nose hugs!

Shrinky said...

You must be very proud of your mummy for raising all that cash, she's a star! Oh, don't talk to me about rain, just as the motorbike races are meant to be starting over here, they can't! Hope it picks up on Friday when our own bunch of bikers come to stay..

B.T.Bear (esq.) said...

Shrinky, watch owt fer Mrs Nesbitt!!